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I have an ASUS A7V with Athlon 1Ghz ,128 MB memory , ATX Midi case 300 W and 4 yrs old ,Win '98 SE . Am currently using Norton Internet Security and an ADSL 750 kbps connected via modem/router to an network interface card on the PC . The Norton Internet Security slows the system down somewhat . Was considering changing to Zone Alarm Security Suite . Would this be any better/worse than the Norton Internet Security re system slow down ? Any other cons/pros ?
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  1. If you have a router don't bother with either of them, you dont need them. The router acts as a barrier between you and the internet so you don't have to worry about putting firewall software on your computer.
    Not having either of them would definatly speed up your computer :)

    If you are ultra paranoid or something buy a better router that has true hardware firewall functions. It will cost as much as a licence from either norton or zone alarm and will be much better.

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