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I thought I'd save some money and bought Windows 7 x64 off eBay. The disk I received was a Dell Reinstallation DVD. If I plug this into hardware that it was not intedned for, what are the odds that it will correctly install Windows 7? I'm willing to fix whatever broken drivers get loaded, but I will need the system to at least boot. Do I give it a shot or ship the DVD back? I do not know what the original Dell hardware was.
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  1. Ship back and buy from a reputable dealer.
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    You may get it to load and even boot, then find that you can not activate it.
    A lot depends on the Type of installation disk. (1) it may refuse to load - Quick check of hardware during instal will return an error. (2) Could be a OEM version with the Acivation code key tied to specific Hardware - No Activation.

    It is Possible that dell provided a generic OEM install disk (Just stuck the word Dell on the label) - which would work - But knowing Dell this is probably not the case.
  3. It's a Dell OEM version. Package lists Windows 7 Pro OA, which seems to be another word for OEM.

    I'm going to attempt to ship it back, or leave appropriate feedback and complain.
  4. My experience with Dell CDs is that you will be able to install, but not activate. I'm not even certain that Windows would recognize your product key as valid.
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