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Spter cell conviction no sound problem....pls someone help

i installed splinter cell conviction yesterday....first the game didnt even start :( ....then installed 1.02 patch then the game started just when everything allright :) ..... :o there was no sound ingame only the video played sound at the beginning.....and the framerates were extremely low.....i have ati 5770 graphics card...then installed patch 1.03,1.04 also but no sound plus choppy framerates... :fou: ....later installed catalyst 10.4a hotfix now the game runs smooth but still no sound... :( i am using windows 7 now....even i installed in windows xp...and changed the sound hardware acceleration to basic and all but no luck.. :(

plsssss someone help me to fix this...its been a day already tryin to fix this.... :(
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    I also have Splinter Cell Conviction on my PC. I also had very low frame rates. Installing the patch won't actually do. But, I never had problems with the sound. Did you go and try changing it in game in the menu showing audio. Also, do you have the same problem with other games ?
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