How do you stop slow motion lag every five mins. in game

I've played bf2 online for a while now but about a week ago everything was running great then all of the sudden i get slow motion lag.It is weird because i join a server and everything runs perfect with low ping then after five mins i get this lag.It last for about five minutes then it snaps out of it and runs fine for about five minutes then lags out again and just repeats not sure what it is ive tryed all sorts of solutions but now im lost.any suggestions would be great.
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  1. Sounds like a potential processor bottleneck. Is there a lot of activity going on when these bursts of lag occur? Also, what exact model/brand is your processor? :-) Thanks.
  2. yes theres action but it does it even if theres nothing going on its like clockwork.for my processor i have a amd phenom 2, 820 quad core with a 1 terabyte hard drive
  3. Sounds like you're not the only one with an FPS problem when utilizing a Phenom II Quad-Core CPU.

    What is the clock speed of your processor? What type of GPU do you have? PSU? RAM?
  4. the computer is about 5 months old im not sure about those specs but i have 8 gb ram.sorry im a noob with computer tech i just find it weird that everything was perfect then this happens.its not anything running in the background,ive deleted the logo cache,uninstalled then reinstalled,cleaned up and got rid of a lot of files and it still does not to sure it can be a video card cause its showing me no other signs of video problems other then this horrific lag thats never spikes at all even while its lagging it stays in between 25 and 30.I turned off all antivirus just in case some kind of live update was going on or port cleaning,whatever it is that does but still same head is spinning.thanks for the responses.
  5. it also happens in singleplayer if that means anything.
  6. Put some XTC in the drive bay, that will speed it up for sure!
  7. temps whilst gaming?
  8. could be a device conflict, I had a semi similar problem, try disabling high definition audio controller in device manager. it was conflicting with my graphics card, might not be that specifically but, it's worth a shot
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