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Hello, Im going to buy a computer and Im thinking of buying a pentium III, 1 ghz processor- does anyone know a good motherboard for it. I was also thinking that maybe I could cut down on a buck if I bought two slower processors like a 700 or so and a motherboard which was compatible for dual processors.
Does anyone have any advice?
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  1. Asus CUSL2-C.

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  2. Of course Wusy is bias towards Athlon in the same way that alot of folks are bias towards Intel. Good choice in the PIII man, And i would go wit a Asus board. The CuSL is a good choice.

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  3. Asus CUSL2-C is the best choice as of now.

    But better go for AMD

  4. Asus CUSL2-C is considered to be the best. You can save a bunch of money by going to the PIII-700E and overclocking to 933. That will keep all your bussus running at normal speed. You can overclock most 700E's to 980 or more. But bios will kick your AGP back to 2x at bus speeds above 140 unless you use a bios hack. I just run mine at 980 when I want to, as hacking the bios scares me! You could also get a 750E and overclock it to 1GHZ at 133MHZ system bus, but this speed is harder to achieve (the 750 is no better than the 700) because most PIII's don't go over 980 unless you push the voltage up to 1.90V. I prefer to leave my voltage closer to stock (1.65 was stock, I use 1.70 for 933 and 1.75 for 980), as excess voltage can cause reduced longevity (to what extent I don't know). For best performance at a reasonable price, go with the CUSL2-C, and PIII 700 at 933 or 980. Also make sure you get Cas2 memory from a VERY reliable source like crucial ( I've heard good reports about Mushkin offering higher performance (, but have never tried them.
  5. Oh, and BTW, don't let Wussy confuse you. If you went AMD you would have to use a Via chipset board. If you look at comparisons between various PIII boards with both Via and Intel chipsets, you will find out about the lackluster performance of Via. Then after buying it, you would find out about the poor quality of Via. Lesson learned here, if you have the money, buy Intel. If you have more time than money buy the AMD. I would not give up my AMD experience for the world as that d**n Via chipset tought me all about drivers and software, or at least about figuring out the problems. I now make plenty of money from my experience there.
  6. I'm from the U.S. and I'm not afraid to admit that Ford has made a few junk cars! AMD has problems with their chipsets, and they are a U.S. company. And VIA has problems with their chipsets and are located in Taiwan. Lets not let patriotism get in the the way of objectivity here. The AMD Thunderboard is capable of probably around 10% better performance than the PIII, but only gets about 1-2% higher scores on average because of poor quality chipsets. The same thing happens when you compare two PIII systems with different chipsets-the Intel chipset always wins over the VIA. And there are no AGP problems with the Intel chipsets, not even ocassionally, nor are their driver conflicts as with VIA's.
  7. What about MSI 815E Pro? Maybe not your overclocker but a stable, good quality adn less RMA's.

    Now I'm a KA7/Athlon 750 owner. I'm building systems for others and like the fact that Intel plugs in and works. Call me lazy I don't want to have to do for others what I have sone for myself.

    Sorry VIA. Oh by the way I want an 815 and not a VIA chipset for the intel too.

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