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Gigabyte GA-7DXR mobo is pictured on Tweak Town's site, but has ne1 seen a review or performance tests.

I always thought of Gigabyte as a reliable mobo but some of the recent posts contradict this. Asus seems to be the mobo of choice, so is it worth waiting for their DDR attempt?

Also, when are the Athlon-c's going to be available? I keep reading that they have been out for over 2 months but have never seen 1 advertised.
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  1. "supposedly" asus begins shipping their a7m using the amd760 chipset at the end of january
  2. Subject: Re: DDR Gigabyte mobo

    While Gigabyte released the first of the "new crop", the GA-7DXR is limited, especially insofar as DDR SDRAM capacity.

    BTW, you might want to see the "Mainboards w/DDR Ram?" topic for more info.
  3. The thing that sucks about A7M266 is that it doesn't have on board RAID :(
  4. On board RAID is good - On board LAN, sound, graphics - all that crap - sucks like ....well it just sucks.
  5. *giggle escapes mouth*.........*bigger giggle*......*face turning red and cheeks are puffy*...........MUWAHAWHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH HAHAH HEHEHEHEHAHAHAH ALOL LOL LOL ROFLMAO!!!!!!

    Aaaggghhh, that's not as bad as my old Yamaha sound card. Piece of crap is ISA!!! It's so crappy it doesn't work on my new mobo (not really new, its a KA7-100)
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  7. I have a 7DX with PC2100 DDR memory (engineering samples from micron) and an Athlon 800 overclocked to 1Ghz on a 100mhz bus. I have no problems with it. I also have the same setup, only with an IWill KA266R DDR board- no problems with it either. However, my IWill seems to be a little faster.

    -MP Jesse
  8. No compatability problems? No hanging at all? What are the rest of specs for each system? Where did u get the mobos and for how much? Also, have u noticed any speed increase and therefore, at this time, is it really worth it?

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    BTW, r u the first person on this forum with DDR?
  9. If you can ajust the clock multiplier why would you want a 266 athlon?

    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=1686" target="_new">System spec.</A> Ideas appreciated.
  10. None at all. I got both boards are samples directly from IWill and Gigabyte- one of the perks of my job is i get to test out all the new stuff and recommend which is best to the higher ups. Anyhow they both run fine.

    The GA-7dx has 256 megs of micron memory, CL2.5, GeForce 2 MX (from eVGA) 800mhz Athlon (100mhz bus) and ATA-100.
    The IWill KA266 has same amount/type of memory, same graphics card, 800mhz Athlon oc'd to 1Ghz on 100mhz bus and ATA-100. IWill does have a KA266R (RAID) board available, but they weren't willing to give it up to me or they didn't have them. So, I got the ATA-100 which is fine with me =)

    -MP Jesse
  11. Can the FSB along with the multiplier by changed on the Gigabyte ga-7dx boards? Similar to that on the MSI K7T Pro2-A mobo? I know that the fsb can be change on the gigabyte mobo, not in 1MHz jumps like the K7T, but have know idea if the ga-7dx board can adjust the multiplier.
    Thanks for any help
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