Computer stutters until after reboot..?

Hello! My name is Mike.

Here's my issue: I play many games, Silkroad Online, League of Legends, Valve games(L4d2, css, etc.) Some WoW and whatever else...

It appears that after something happens/use of my computer for an extended period of time, my games stutter, specifically League of Legends. I usually get max settings @ 60 fps, but sometimes when I play Left 4 Dead 2(or even sometimes if I launch Steam, not too sure what the cause is) then I get around 40fps or lower and it stutters, the characters jump around and the game runs horrible, I'm really sure it isn't my graphics card because I just upgraded it from an Nvidia 8600 GT 256mb to an ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb..

My computer specs..
Dell E521
Win XP Home SP3 32Bit
Coolermaster Elite Power 550w PSU
HIS Radeon HD 4850 512 MB
3.2 MB of ram(Actually 4gb)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ 2.1ghz dual core

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head.. This is really frustrating, thing is that I don't really notice the stuttering unless I play Starcraft 2 and/or League of Legends, that's where its the worst. The stuttering stops when I restart, but only if I don't do much else, such as use firefox or steam or xfire, etc. If I restart then go right into the game without launching much else, it's all good.

I know my RAM operates at 400mhz or something around there, pretty crappy, but hey.. Cheap computer, you get what you pay for. $200 PC is how much I paid..

I defrag my HD as often as possible, I have CCleaner, Avast, Comodo Firewall, Spyware Blaster, Spyware Guard, and Spybot S&D.

Thanks a lot! I hope someone can help me with this irritating issue.


EDIT: Oh, this reminds me, since I have 3.2gb(4gb) of ram, should I turn off the paged file thing in Windows? I've heard when you have 2gb+ you can turn it off and Windows operates even better... I currently have it off, I've had it on before, and had it off, doesn't seem to make anything different..
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  1. Well to start your cpu falls short I mean it's a bit slower at 2.1ghz but your videocard is good and what it does is your cpu is bottlenecking your gpu. But you can always compensate by overclocking that cpu to run faster. Also why not change your Os to a 64bit to fully utilize all 4gb of ram.
  2. Don't I need a 64bit processor? I mean, I'm a little bit confused to be honest because it used to be 64bit vista when I got it.. And I ran some program and it told me it was 64bit, but I have 32bit OS because that's all I have.. Would there really be a difference in performance? I'm not so sure about overclocking because why would I want to sacrifice almost all stability for a little bit of a performance increase which is probably not noticeable.... Or am I misunderstanding OCing?

    I've done defrags and I had this issue before when my computer had XP on it before, I've done a full reinstall and all that a little while back..
  3. Overclocking has it's benefits, you will see an increase in performance boost if you try 3DMark your pc to rate it from stock to overclock. You don't need to go 64bit except if you want to fully utilize all the 4gb of ram. And yes your processor does support 64bit. Try lowering the game setting and don't use Anti Aliasing cause it really lowers your pc performance.
  4. So the difference between 2.1ghz and 2.6ghz is huge?

    And should I bother with using the Page File system or whatever?
  5. Yes. That will also help somewhat, because your pc treats an area of the hard as ram. But turn down aa, turn down some details and see if it improves.
  6. Background processes- lose them. In other words, anything running in your system tray (ie, RAM) that is not vital to either the game or your system, get rid of them. Gaming rigs hate background processes. And this also includes unneeded services. Your symptoms sound like this could be the problem. How? Msconfig, AutoRuns, searches on Windows tweaks, registry cleaners, defrags, etc. Lean and mean machines run games mucho betta. :sol:
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