3 Red ring of death xbox 360 error code 0102

I found out my console is basically screwed, the only way to fix this is to cut off the gpus airflow let it sit there and burn for a ltitle while, connect everyhting back up and let it cool off. Starts playing again like a charm. Anyway of permanently fixing this, it gets pretty annoying having to do it like every couple of days. My budget is about 30 dollars
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  1. I heard you can use a heat gun to heat the area. Another option would be to check craigslist and see if someone can reflow it for you.
  2. If you have RROD then it's possible to take apart the 360 using a simple tool kit, take off the X-Clamps and re-apply the thermal paste. Towel trick it after (videos on youtube). Mine worked for 6 months after. A more permenant fix will cost you more and takes a bit more skill because you have to replace the X-Clamps with bolts (again, there are videos on youtube).

    Neither of the fixes should cost too much though. If they don't work then pick up an old arcade or something.
  3. I did the towel trick once and its worked ever since, months and months ago.

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