Xbox Kinect ... 2011 is all about it according to MS

After reading the article and noticing my 11YO has done nothing but play with his pet black panther for the last two days I am thinking he might be right.

Because it is so kinesthetically interactive the kid's immersed in the thing.

The 14YO likes the boxing too ... .

Iv'e taken no chances with the RROD after the last repair and the xbox has a room fan aimed at it.

The wi is in a box in the corner I am afraid ... with the PS2.
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  1. It really depends on how it’s implemented in other games. Many gamers are out of shape, so they probably won’t want to jump around for hours on end.
  2. I'm not sure, although it has killed any and all excitement about the PS3's move.
    There is one thing i'm cuious about though, in the fighting game for it it says on the front cover it has like 80 different moves or something? That would mean the action you do is mapped to a move, and if you try something that isn't in those 80 moves it would do the closest thing to it? so really you arn't the controller, you are just pressing the buttons by moving you body on certain directions...
  3. I tried the boxing game but it is a bit clunky for me ... plus the guy on the screen beat the bajeezus out of me ... repeatedly ... and I am a sore loser.

    1. No matter how good you are at gaming there will always be a game you completely suck at. In my case it was two games ... the other was X-Com Apocolypse.

    Day 4 now with the pet panther ... its definately a hit with the younger kids ... alas a single person gets immersed only.

    Since it is USB I wonder if they will let you hookup 2 Kinect's and play split screen with something in the future.

    Sounds damned expensive ...
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