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I want to replace my P3-450 with a P3-850,slot 1. Asus says it will work with bios v-1006. I changed my bios from 1003 to 1006.When I look in the bios, 2.00v is the lowest option for cpu vcore. If I install P3-850 will the pb3-f detect coppermine and give me the 1.65v needed or will I have to get a slot 1 to fcpca converter and fcpga cpu?
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  1. 3 things-1, when you install the new cpu, your bios will probably detect the voltage and drop it automatically, at the same time giving you a different set of optional voltages. 2, even if it did not, a P3 will still operate at 2.0v, with proper cooling (a lot of guys are modifying their processor pins to get their boards to recognise these as 2.05v for overclocking!) 3, You should probably get a PIII 700 as they are far cheaper and oveclock easily.
  2. I believe you need version 1.04 of the p3b-f board to support the coppermine.
  3. Thanks for replies,Asus says p3b-f 1.03 with 1006 bios will support p850E slot 1 , pc100, I just wondered about voltage. Cpu has been ordered, so I will find out soon.
  4. Asus specs say board won't support P3-850 EB, video card is Elsa GeForce2 GTS,I also heard FBS100 gives more room to overclock, any further explanation would be appreciated.I have pc100 ram.
  5. I would go for a 700, easier to get to 133 with, and cheaper.
  6. P3-850 is $250 retail box,about $80 more than P3-700.
    6.5x150=975mhz, Since my ram is pc100 I am thinking the farther I push it , the less stable my system might be and I do not want to buy pc133, my ram is cas2. I am learning as I go,thanks for input.Also If I chicken out on overclocking,the $80 will be well spent for 850 insted of 700.[Will need it for Nascar4]
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