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Warhammer 40k DoW 1 missing textures...

I just bought Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Gold on Steam and when I tried to play it all the human textures were missing, just a pink texture over the whole model, nothing else. Also the sound was messing up but th I fixed that by lowering sound quality to medium.

I tried lowering all graphical settings to their lowest possible setting but nothing fixed the missing textures on the soldiers but the texture on the main characters and enemies were still fine. It is very annoying and I just can't seem to get into the game with these missing textures on the soldiers. The soldier on the main menu has all his textures right if that helps any.

I believe the game is up to date since steam auto updates all my games and I do not know if it is a driver problem, I currently have 10.11 CCC drivers. I've tried turing Catalyst AI off and playing the game, but no difference and I tried turning off all extra CCC settings like AA and AF but still no change.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. reinstall the game
  2. It is steam, I doubt it will help
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    steam is not infallible...give it a shot

    i've had corrupted installs from steam before
  4. Well after restarting my computer steam started to update the game and fixed the issue. Thanks for your advice anyways!
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