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The drive was reformatted and WIN98SE was reinstalled. My brother's able to get into Windows, but he still gets the "Invalid system boot disk" message. I took lowlypawn's advice and flashed from BIOS 1005a to 1004c, but don't know if that's helped anything yet. Seems like the ATA100 is causing all of our headaches. I'm really tempted to put it on the ATA66 IDE to see if that helps.

Here's a question though: My brother did not put the hd on the ATA66 port before reformatting the drive and installing Windows, so why was he able to get into windows after the installation? Shouldn't he have repeated the procedure of connecting the drive to ATA66 BEFORE installing the Promise drivers? Really confused now.

BTW, he gets a bunch of garbage ASCII just before Windows loads...

Lowlypawn, you seem to be the best chance I have in solving this problem. Here's a repost of his system:

Athlon T-bird 1Ghz
A7V rev 1.02
BIOS 1004c
30Gb WDc ATA100 hd (On Primary ATA100)
64Mb VisionTek GeForce 2GTS
256Mb PC133 SDRAM
SB LIVE! Value
DirectX 8.0
Promise ATA100 Build 33 I believe
VIA 4in1 ver 4.26
Delta 52X Cd-rom (On Primary ATA66,Master)
Yamaha 10/12/40 CD-RW (On Secondary ATA66,MASTER)

Any *freakn'* idea what I should try next?
Thanks on the BIOS advice.
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  1. Try to connect the HD to the chipset's native ATA66, cause I think the ATA100 (promise) can't be used to handle bootable HD...

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  2. I think it's supposed to work because the system worked for about 2 days when it died (Invalid system boot disk). But I do think I'm going to take your advice and say "to hell" with ATA100...

  3. I disagree. I think ATA100 is *supposed* to be bootable and for some people it is. In fact it worked flawlessly (besides being incredibly sllllooow), for about two days for us. So it is capable of booting from ATA100 IDE, it just has too many problems, it seems. I do think I'm going to take you up on your advice, though and switch to ATA66...

  4. I got the invalid system disk or what ever message too when I flashed to 1005a. But if I press enter the system continues to boot ok.

    If the virus protection is enabled in the bios, then I don't have to press enter and the system boots normally.

    This may or may not be similar to your situation.
  5. I have bios 1005b and virus scan disabled in bios with no errors on bootup.
    Maybe you should try flashing and see if it helps.
    you could even go for the 1005c.
  6. Is the SB live loading its DOS emulation driver at boot? I think it wants to occupy IRQ 5. Maybe that's causing a conflict w/ the ATA controller...
    I had a similar problem w/ SB live and an HPT370 controller. I REMed the sound card's 16 bit function, liberated IRQ 5.
    Is the Promise BIOS loading at boot? Windows does not treat it as an IDE controller, sees it as a mass storage SCSI device.

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  7. Actually my brother did mention on the phone last time about a problem with SB! 16Bit emulation driver...hmmm. So your suggestion that I disable the 16Bit emulation? Or should I reserve IRQ 5 in the BIOS for the SB card?

    ABout the Promise BIOS loading...is this why in the BIOS he does not see his 30Gb WDc hardrive in the BOOT SEQUENCE? He said the ONLY way he is able to boot to WINdows is by having the WIN98 disk in the CD-rom drive. For some reason it's not booting from the hardrive so I guess your right in that the Promise BIOS is not loading. He did have some trouble installing the Promise drivers, perhaps it's installed incorrectly.

    Anybody know what 1005c BIOS fixes? I may try that also.

    BTW, one of my professors said that a bad powersupply could be causing the memory loss. I guess I should check and see if it is one of AMD's recommended supplies. It's a 300W, but I don't know what manufacturer :(.

    Thanks alot guys for the tips. At the very least I feel a lot better because I've basically got an entire "TEAM" of computer guru's helping me troubleshoot.
  8. "Thanks alot guys for the tips. At the very least I feel a lot better because I've basically got an entire "TEAM" of computer guru's helping me troubleshoot.

    Sounds like you're studying to be a manger - you the lingo down pat. ;-)
  9. Whoooo meeee? ;)
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