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What games would you like to see come back or be renewed to a better standard. Obviously Nintendo has failed with the Wii, not economically, but with the standards of Hardware, Firmware, and Software. Microsoft has succeded both Nintendo and Sony in the consol wars. The 360,(dicluding the kinect), has been a non-PC gamers best friend. PS3 is great for multi-purpose use. Blu-Ray and HD support as well as the HDD and Linux system,( I believe it is linux.)

What happened to the days of the N64, good role playing, 'cheap' products, and the best of programming gone. I understand COD:BO, Resience Evil, Halo, Mario, and others, but there are others that were/are good...

Tell us what you want to see...even on gaming peripherals.
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  1. You slam the Wii but credit Kinect? Does not compute.

    As for what I'd like to see from new consoles, I think the 3DS is moving in the right direction and lays a ground work for all consoles to follow. Powerful, covers all gaming tastes (core to casual) and innovative.
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