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Hey, i own a asus p2bf with pII 350. I read somewhere the board supports the coppermine. so i ordered a PIII 750 / 100. but again looking on the asus page the p2bf must have a special a 54 or so. my board has only a 24. i there NO way to run the proc. ?? can i max. use a katmai 600 ?? is it worth the upgrade 350 -> 600 ?? are there other BX (!!) boards that support the coppermine ???
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  1. You must have the board revision 1.00 (check the silkscreen on the motherboard), which is probably a good chance you have that :). Get the latest bios and you should be ok if you do have the P2B-F model and not another P2B model. I believe the max spec PIII cpu is 1GHz at 100FSB. They make it in slot 1 or PPGA (requires a slocket adapter) so get whichever. Do make sure you have indicated the right P2B model. The original P2B is a little different story.

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  2. yes,i have rev.1.00 , but in the case of this board a 2nd. no. is required (pcb no. or so??). and my board hasn´t the right no. so that it doesn´t support the right core voltage f. coppermine cpu´s...bad....see asus page f. more infos.
  3. Just had to say that the P2B-F is the best board I've ever worked with. Man setting it up was a breeze compared to the K7M and A7V. What gives?
  4. yes,it´s good. but why does it not support the coppermine better. i think it´s intel´s fault, they chance every month their cpu layout (but amd isn´t better,as we see..)
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