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Can anyone tell me why NOT to purchase a PC monitor instead of a TV for PS3/PC gaming? My current PC setup is a 26" LCD TV through a VGA/DVI adapter. The resolution is pretty bad, but it gets the job done. The major problem is it does not have HDMI inputs. I just upgraded my PC to current specs, but I have not bought a monitor yet. I do a lot of PC FPS gaming (MOH, BFBC2 etc...) and I also play a lot of football on the PS3.

So, my question is... why not buy a 28" PC monitor with multiple HDMI inputs rather than a 26-32" LCD TV? The pricing is about the same. It would be perfect for PC gaming, and (other than a slightly smaller size) would be perfect for the PS3. Why don't more people do this? Is there an issue with resolution or refresh rates?

I really cannot see why people decide to buy a LCD TV for this purpose instead of a high resolution monitor. Maybe I am missing something? If anyone could explain it to me or has any reasons NOT to buy the PC monitor instead of the TV, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. PC monitor usually don't come with TV tuners and don't have all the common interface inputs of a television (component/scart/composite/s-video/rf) which are standard on most standalone consumer electronics.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but Im bumping it because I have the exact question. Im in the same boat as the OP, and it just seems obvious to use a monitor over a TV in every aspect... besides of course if your wanting something bigger than 27-30 inches or so.

    Also, I dont have cable TV. The closest Id use the monitor in the traditional TV sense is DVD's using the PS3, and netflix through the PS3.

    So if size isnt a factor to somebody, isnt a monitor dominant to the TV?
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