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I have a machine with a Q6600 @ 2.4GHz, windows 7 ultimate x64, an Nvidia 9500GS with DX10 and 512MB of V-Ram, and 2.5GB DDR2. How High can I run crysis @ 1440x900?
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  1. You can probably play it at low quality settings.

    See below review for how the 9500GT performs which is a little faster than your 9500GS. The review uses medium quality settings.

    You should probably set it to DX9 mode for better performance.
  2. everything is fine except for ur GPU. just increase it to at least 9800gt, and u MIGHT be able to play at max

    i have an old PC which has 2.4 dual core, 9800GTS, 4gb ram DDR2, and it can play max with occassional poor frame rates at intense scenes.
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