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I don't know if this forum is big on discussions, but I'm just gonna put it out there: does anybody else think Assassin's Creed 2 is too easy?

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it and I reckon it's an amazing game, but I finished it once without really having any trouble at all. And to put that in perspective, I have trouble with Mario. Haha, okay I dunno, but it's safe to say I'm really bad at games. Like, in AC2 there was no real threat from anybody. If any of the guards came at you, you could beat them all up with just your fists, or you could leg it and ALWAYS outrun them.

I know some people have said that you can try do it all in notorious (though that doesn't change anything because all the guards are still super easy to kill) or you could try do it without any armor, or any medicine, but that kinda takes away from the gameplay I think!

I finished it and went to look for a 'difficulty' setting, but none to be had unfortunately. I still maintain, despite this, that it is an amazing game; has totally reeled me in! :D I just wish the AI could chase you for longer, or put up more of a fight.

Can't wait for AC:Brotherhood to come out on PC!! Looks amazing!!!
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  1. I also thought that it was quite easy. Guess its because that you have a pouch full of medicines, that is once you upgrade them. Also, the medicines restore almost all your health back, so you won't die quite easily in combat. The only times I died was falling from huge buildings!!!.

    I don't remember dying in any of the combats with guards. What you said is true though, cause mario seems a lot difficult than AC2 or any other games released today. In fact, do you know any games that last more than 24 hours of gameplay except Mass Effect 2 which is about 42 hours.

    Have you also played Mafia 2 ?
    The game lasted for only like 5 hours or so, because your health would regenerate back after getting shot. But if you look at its earlier version , ' Mafia: the lost city of heaven' its quite more challenging because your health does not regenerate back and you have to find health packs that doesn't occur too often

    I agree with you on AC Brother hood . It looks really amazing with all the new assassin brothers whom we can train and all!!
  2. Ya i agree with you 2 that ac2 was easy but the game was long and was quite a fun for me.I guess you should give a try to metro 2033 if you need a little competition .
    Can't wait for brotherhood any longer!!!
  3. that's right it's so easy you can kill 100 guard with just a knife
    waiting for ac brotherhood pc
  4. Yah, I agree with the group consensus. It was pretty easy, but the gameplay was fun and the graphics were nice. Got tired of waiting for AC Brotherhood on PC and picked up the PS3 version... lovin' the multiplayer!
  5. Loved the gameplay, hated the storyline/insinuations made by the overarching plot. Yes it was easy the majority of the time.
  6. Agreed. AC2 was stupidly easy.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved the game.
    But, it becomes tedious when it's just a case of counter-attacking everything thrown at you, or simply just sitting on a bench.
  7. Sitting this game out due to the DRM (even in the steam version), shame it looks good.
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