WIN & doesn't all HD's?

Hello, I hope one of you all can help me with this problem.

I bought myself a new toy (asus p6T, Nvidia GT275, 1tb hitachi sata HD 6gb corsair tripl channel RAM etc). OS was not included.

Before i started installing the OS I added a new OCZ Vertex Turbo SSD to the configuration.

The existing disc (hitachi 1tb sata) and the ssd are both attached to the ICH10R satat connections on the MB.

After installing Win 7 on the SSD. everything looked ok, no issues but i couldn't see the other HD.

To check if i could use the HD i installed a second win 7 on the Hitachi HD.

Stupid thing is: both OS's work perfectly but neither of them sees the other HD in the OS.

I believe it must have something to do with the OS? Can somebody point me in the right direction? Many thanks in advance
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    Hey MACX,
    Open up Computer Management from the Administrative Tools section of the Control Panel.
    Open the Disk Management section of Computer Management. This should list both drive and display both partitions.
    Right click the unmounted partition and click Change Drive Letter and Paths. Assign the parition a letter and click OK.
    Hopefuly your drive will appear now.
  2. Tweedledum, many thanks and lots of kudo's if i could give them to you :-D!!

    Everything looks fine now :-)

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