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Hey there i play world of warcraft and i want to know if there is anything i can do to get my latency is lowest i can get it?I found this gaming network card call the Killer™ 2100 and i want to know if it would be worth the money to get that card?What would be the lowest latency u can get in wow?
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  1. Can you link where/how much it is? Also unless you have lag issues, I wouldn't say its worth it. Just check ports first, blizzard forums has a list of the ports you will have to open.
  2. download Latency Fix
  3. Ok, if you're using Windows 7 follow this link & follow the instructions (it works):

    Secondly, try port forwarding your router for the ports that WoW uses for gaming. The ports are TCP 1119, 3724, 6112, 6113, 6114 & 4000. The ports for the downloader are TCP 3724, 6112, 6113, 6114, 4000 and additionally ranged from 6881-6999. The port used for voice chat is UPP 3724.

    There are also other factors to consider with latency such as cable VS DSL and server location. You would get the best (lowest) latency if you play on a server that is held on a data center that is closest to your location.

    Try my above suggestions (I too had to do these) and you should see your latency drop.
  4. As for your question about the gaming network card, I don't think it's a worthwhile investment. WoW latency can easily be fixed in most cases without spending a dime on items like this.
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