What game(s) are you playing?

Just thought to take a break from all of the techie stuff and see what fav programs (most likely games) you all are playing (using) on your system.

256 chickens that can say "bok" simultaneously while laying eggs asynchronously in 64-bit glory.
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  1. Well, right now, I'm playing Dice Sliders on Yahoo. But I'm sure that's not what you wanted. I've put off playing any games until I build my new computer (1000 T-bird) next week-end. Then I will be playing:
    Mechwarrior 3 and 4
    Freespace 2
    Crimson Skies
    Nox (For a friend who likes the game but frequently gets stuck)

    If you haven't tried it, and like fun flying games, play Crimson Skies. It's the first game in a long time that surprized me by how good it was. Plus, I got a free copy of it from MS. Be careful though, it's a hog.
  2. Sacrifice! It's so addictive, my brother and I are refering to each other as Sac Heads.
    NOLF is superb.

    <b><font color=blue>Brainy Sturgeon</b></font color=blue>
  3. Unco, how come youre called StewGuru?
  4. Lately, pinnochle on Yahoo, Total Annihilation(you can't find that anymore, the company went out of busines(cavedog)), and RogueSpear(a realistic shooter which is actually pretty good online).
  5. Unreal tournament, quake 3, soldier of fortune, sacrifice (hard game to play)Voyager elite force...

    ayone see a pattern ?

    Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
  6. right now..and for the last 3 years...i have been upgrading and tweaking my PC for MS FlightSim. I'm up to a PIII 800@900 mhz, 384 RAM and the sim just rocks! I also play alot of Links 2000 (im under 200 on the Cases ladder.)
  7. Need For Speed 5
    Battlezone 2
    Rogue Spear
    Rogue Spear: LWM5
    Team Fortress Classic
    Project IGI
    Hitman: Codename 47

    Those are the ones im PLAYING. I have three full CD racks of games.
  8. UT (mostly)
    Just beat Alice
    couldn't get into Mechwarrior 4
    got stuck on one part in Crimson Skies
    Quake 3
    Quake 2 (oldie, but goodie)
    started Giants but it reminded me too much of MegaMan for Nintendo so I stopped.

    I ain't seen a beating like that since somebody stuck a banana in my pants and turned a monkey loose
  9. Re-Volt
    It's the most fun race game I've ever played!
  10. Wops! I forgot Re-Volt in my list!!
  11. (more off topic)

    "...played Carmagadon"

    How many type "a" instead of "e"? i do it a lot. maybe some typo-guru can help us out...
    "...played Carmagadon"

  12. i forgot
    NFS Porsche 2000 Unleashed rulz

  13. Carmageddon also has 2 Ds (I'm pretty sure, maybe not)
  14. Flight sim for me. And Combat flight sim
  15. hey, do you know if Crimson Skies can play on WIN NT?? thx!
  16. ever since i got my 45gig hard drive i installed ALL of my games and play almost all of them:
    Half life
    --->Counter Strike
    --->Wizard Wars
    Baldur's Gate 2
    Soldier of Fortune
    Mechwarrior 4
    Deus Ex
    Im a HUGE gamer, I have a true gaming 'rig

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  17. Quote:
    hey, do you know if Crimson Skies can play on WIN NT?? thx!

    Nope, you need to have DirectX 7 or higher. The box lists only Win 95,98,ME and 2000.
  18. UT, Earth 2150(multi only), Quake 3 and Team Arena, Quake 2, just beat Kingpin(found at babbages for 19.99 a week ago), Descent 3. I got some older Glide games that I would like to play, but I need to find some old v2 1000's first. My friend run SLI on his machine with a celeron 466 in UT and does about as good as my machine

    p3 733
    256 pc133
    sb live x-gamer
    Hercules GF2 Pro 64 meg
    Abit SE6
    just need some good old voodoo's and ill be happy
  19. Tribes, FS2000, Tribes, Combat FS, and Tribes.
  20. alice (but i didnt' like it so i traded it for...)
    baldur's gate2
    tony hawk's pro skater2
    oh yes, i've also been drooling over the oni demo.

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  21. HEY another BG2 player!!! What class do you play and how far are you?

    If at first you don't succede, skydiving isn't for you. :frown:
  22. i'm playing a cavalier and i'm on chapter 3. i just teamed up with bhodi and the assasins guild and wiped out the shadow thieves guild and their master.

    <font color=red>booyah, grandma, booyah..</font color=red>
  23. wusy wrote:
    Windows 2000 is windows NT so even 4.0 can play it too.

    Overclocking is the key to computer.


    Sorry, but this is an incorrect statement.

    Windows 2000 is built using NT technology, but it is far from being Windows NT 4.0.

    Windows NT does not support Direct-X 7, so this game will not work correctly, if at all, on Windows NT 4.0. Sorry.

    -Ima Supa
  24. Currently I've been playing, of coure UT
    a little quake, got tired of Diablo 2 and every once in a while a good game of Dungeon Keeper 2.
    Now don't laugh I just recently just discovered Worms 2. It is <b>extremly addictive</b>. If none of you have ever played it you can download a demo at:<A HREF="http://www.worms2.com" target="_new">http://www.worms2.com</A>

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  25. WORMS 2 IS THE BOMB, i cant believe i forgot to include that in my list, it is the most addictive turn-based game you can buy, man the concept is just so intruiging (sp?), i cant seem to beat the missions though, im on the last 5 and theyre hard

    If at first you don't succede, skydiving isn't for you.
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  26. Hey maybe we should try to get an internet game together? Have you ever been successful at it? Maybe this will help spread the addiction to other posters.

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  27. Offline & Online my current favorites are:

    Soldier of Fortune
    Heavy Gear 2
    and Mig Alley
  28. quake 3
    half life
    nolf (great game but i am stuck where you have to sneek around and not kill anybody! i gotta kill everybody!!!!!)
    the sims (its fun to let them starve or catch on fire trying to cook!)
    geez after reading that i think i might need to see a psychiatrist.

    who is more foolish...
    the fool, or the fool that takes his advice?
  29. I was playing Baldurs gate until my hdd had a bowel movement, and I lost all my saves
  30. Let's see...

    NOLF (just beat it, very cool)
    CS (it runs nicely on a pii333 so i stick with it and satisfies my multiplayer jonesin')
    Rollercoaster Tycoon! ( love this game )
    Dungeon Keeper (just reinstalled it, still cool -- how does DK2 compare?)
    Just installed the BG2 demo, tryin' before I buy (was thinking of getting the first one for the low price of 20 and starting some characters there first. thoughts?)
  31. Never played Dungeon Keeper only DK2. But it rocks.
    I just tryed the Star Trek Elite Force Demo, I'm going to
    have to get that game.Both good multiplayer and single player game.

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  32. UT mostly, chess on yahoo, NFS3, some others, but my 4 year old kid is playing most of things (NFS3, MotoRaces2, Reader Rabbit4, PacMan1, Vinny the Pouh1 and 3, MS Motocross Madness, Lion King1.2, Racer2, Star Wars Racing one, etc)... hehe

    its not too late yet... :smile:
  33. ammmm....this is the motherboard and chip section. what does "what games are you playing?" have to do with that?

  34. Lighten up man.
    Are the the Forum Police or something?

    <font color=red>Sumadin</font color=red>

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  35. At the moment i'm playing
    unreal tournament
    the devil inside
    warlords battlecry

    I've bought lots recently but most have been to shite to play through, like planescape torment and messiah
  36. Hmmmm, Lately
    Motocross Madness II
    Jetfighter IV
    Quake III
    Nascar Heat
    Mech Warrior IV
    U.T. Though I`m beginning to think this one is more of a lifestyle than a game...
    Too many others too list, but I always revert too U.T. Before going too sleep.

    "If you code it... They will copy"
  37. Mostly:
    AoK: The Conquerors
    Diablo 2
    Thief 2
    NFS Porsche Unleashed

    - Better go Green than Blue!
  38. Unreal touranment

    half-life: counterstrike

    First person to get a topic banned. ABIT BP6 Lives FOREVER!!!
    the number 1 online game in the world!!!!!!!! hurray to gooseman for creating the game.

    If you can't beat 'em kill 'em
    athlon "SLOTA" thunderbird 700@1050mhz
  40. i forgot about DIABLO 2
    i am a level 78 hardcore barbarian with 740 life and 466-759 attack!!!!! anyone want to fight me?

    If you can't beat 'em kill 'em
    athlon "SLOTA" thunderbird 700@1050mhz
  41. hey flavio321

    I'll fight you

    LVL 70 amazon , bow damamge 108-231

    Guided arrow maxed-out, valkerie maxed-out, 2x damage maxed out!!!
    First person to get a topic banned. ABIT BP6 Lives FOREVER!!!
  42. Yahoo! Chess
    Soldier of Fortune
    Virtual Pool 2
    Fallout 1

    Just loaded Heavy Gear II.

    Thinking about System Shock 2 and Star Trek:Elite Forces.
  43. i'm not seeing nearly enough counterstrike on this list. Hey, it's the greatest, man. And I get a very playable framerate (around 30 fps with very rare drops) at 1024x768 with a PII300 and a 8meg agp1x i740 based gfx card.

    and then my roommate bought me FF8 for my birthday a few weeks ago... haven't done homework since... Ever since FF2 I've loved those. Thouhg it seems to tax my system much more than half life/cstrike.

    And when i'm not playing around I'm working with soundforge/acid/vegas doing music and soundtracks.
  44. I play Grand Prix 3 most of the time
    A little of Baldur's Gate now and then
    Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear sometimes
  45. Total A rules!, cavedog went out of business ? why!!!

    too bad.

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  46. Definitely get SS2 and Elite Force. I would say get the former first since it can be had for around $15 and is just outstanding (spooky too). Elite Force is a very cool game with a great story but quite short in single player -- I finished it in two (not very intense) days. The multiplayer is excellent though so that extends the value (picture Q3 multi with an excellent but short single player mode).
  47. i just beat Giants. It was a nice game. Had good graphics. The first part of the game with the Mecc guys was cool but the second and third parts of the game with the reaper and the giant were stupid and somewhat easy.
    Nice game overall.
    I am now going to give MS Combat Flight Simulator II a try, maybe online.
  48. I agree with you in messiah, but not on Planescape!

    That was a kickass game!
    Nice graphics, nice story and nice interface!

    Hell , its like Baldur´s Gate!!

    "I´m Going Down!...Down!Down!Down!Down!Down!" - Joe Satriani in G3 Live
  49. Nope !
    In hardcore mode everyone has a hacked character!

    Did something funny yesterday!
    Picked a powerfull character that i don´t like to play with anymore and gave all my objects to some guy with level 11
    character! :-)

    Including: 6 perfect skulls!
    4 perfect diamonds!
    4 perfect rubies!
    4 perfect emeralds!
    3 perfect topazes!
    + than 200k gold!
    Goldskin and The Ward!

    Eh eh !
    Would like to have seen his face! :-D

    "I´m Going Down!...Down!Down!Down!Down!Down!" - Joe Satriani in G3 Live
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