Xbox 360 or Logitech Rumble F510?

Hey guys,I am looking forward to buy a gamepad for my laptop. My initial pick was Xbox 360 but then i found out that Xbox 360 Controller for Windows does not have programmable buttons that can be tied to keyboard commands. Whereas, in other gamepads like Logitech's Rumble gamepad F510, nearly everything is programmable and can be tied to mouse clicks and/or keyboard commands. So, please give your views on which is a better pick here inbetween Xbox 360 or Logitech's F510 and why.
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  1. I recommend the wireless Xbox 360 controller/reciever combo from MS. I tend to go back and forth between my 360 and my PC depending on my mood and this keeps the controller feel when I play 3rd person games. Plus, a definite advantage is that the reciever will bind to any wireless 360 controller, so you get a real 360 controller that can be used on a 360 or vice versa. Any 360 controller can be bound to the reciever. In essence, if you have extra wireless 360 controllers they can be used as backups in case of damage or failure. I also prefer the stick and button feel as well as the weight and contour of the 360 controllers. My model is all black too if that matters. my .02
  2. I highly recommend wired XBOX 360. If you want wireless, it is your choice.

    I have no clue why you would want your game controller to act as a mouse or keyboard, but to each his/her own. :)

    I bought the XBOX 360 controller mainly to get used to playing FIFA like games with controller and I am very happy that I can now play many other games (EXCLUDING ACTION) way more comfortably than before. The look and feel of that controller is awesome.
  3. well, 1st of all i dont have a Xbox 360 ,so it really doesn't matter that if i pick Xbox 360 controller then i have the advantage of using it in my Xbox as well. Since you guys own Xbox controller ,you can tell me about the functioning and overall control of the Xbox controller. One thing against Xbox though is that the buttons are not programmable at all. So,is it a hindrance in any games as other gamepads are fully programmable.
  4. By all means the buttons are programmable. You can assign any key to any gaming function. All games that I chose to play with the controller let me do this in the controls setup.

    But, it won't let you simulate a mouse click in windows unless you download some kind of software people use to make that controller behave like a mouse in Windows OS. I forget the name of that software. It adds additional functionality to your controller's buttons. Maybe that's something you are looking for.

    I found this -

    As far as grip and feel go, this controller is great. Honestly, I have never used a rumblepad and it is also highly rated. Maybe someone else can comment on it. I am by no means rooting for the XBOX controller. It is what you feel comfortable in.

    I had to choose a gaming mouse. I bought the two I narrowed down, and returned one. If you are in a position to do so, that's the best choice.
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