What happens if the command line parametre is not there

I am trying to play cheats for my copy of Far Cry 2 on the PC and the target section of Shortcuts in properties is saying FAR CRY 2 in a blanked out box, I am getting increasingly frustrated.
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  1. Without seeing the game or shortcut box I am guessing that the shortcut is a MSI based and does not point to the program directly.

    If you need to launch the program with command line switches then the quickest way is to create your own shortcut. to do this follow the following:-

    1. In windows explorer go to the game directory C:\program files\Fay Cry 2\

    2. Right click on the main EXE file, which i'll assume is FC2, and select Create Shortcut.

    3. You will have a new shortcut named 'Shortcut to FC2'. edit this shortcut and move to dsktop/taskbar.
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