Does Oblivion use same engine as Morrowind??

I'm trying to figure out if Gamebryo 1.0 is the same as Gamebryo 2.0. Is the base code pretty much the same or was Gamebryo 2.0 worked from the ground up to make Oblivion?

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  1. I don't know much about the engine, but I've played through both games thoroughly and they look and feel pretty much the same.
  2. Thank for the reply. I was looking for something more specific but I'm not hopeful for a detailed answer. :pt1cable:
  3. Not precisely the same but I believe different versions of the same engine.

    That, according to wikipedia was the engine it was supposed to use and includes links to the engine it does use.
  4. Morrowind used v1.0 while Oblivion used v2.0.

    Gamebryo v2.0 was not specifically designed for Oblivion. It is a cross platform engine which Bethesda licensed to be used for their games.
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