A7V ATA100/IDE Issue

I have an a7v with 1004d and latest Promise driver, just purchased it (1/10/01). I have a Western Digital ATA100 drive and an older Seagate ATA33 5400 rpm drive. First of all, the AWARD bios doesn't see the ATA100 drive, even when it is the only drive in the box (plugged into ATA100 primary with 80 pin connector). The Promise BIOS does see it though. Then, when I plug the second drive in as slave on the secondary ATA100, the box doesn't see the ATA100 drive at all, even the Promise BIOS can't find it. The box boots off the older drive, even though it is the slave.

What's up with this? Can you mix newer and older drives in the system? I tried putting the older drive on the primary IDE with the same results. The secondary IDE is consumed with CD and Zip drive.

Why doesn't the AWARD BIOS see the ATA100 drive? It sees it fine if plugged into the primary IDE controller. I need to xfer data from the old drive to the new, then I can remove it.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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  1. I received an answer to my post from another forum at ASUS.

    Basically, I overlooked setting the Boot options in the BIOS. I set the Boot priority to be CD, then SCSI/ATA100, rather than IDE. The box then booted properly off the ATA drive.
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