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I have been a pc gamer for a long time, around 25 years. I have not played console games since I was a kid. My kids do have a Wii, but I never had much interest in it. After hearing about all the great things the PS3 can do, I finally broke down and went out to buy one last night. So far, I have been very disappointed.

After buying the $400 console with the Move package and an extra controller, we went to blockbuster and rented 2 games, Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed. I got these because I was told they were two of the best games out by a friend as well as the Blockbuster employee.

I have spent a total of 4 hours playing both games and I am completely bored with them already Neither one seem to have much action in them. You go from place to place for a few seconds of action. It is difficult to control and it seems like you just randomly press buttons to get the character to do what you want it to do. Assassins Creed seems very linear to me. You move from one cut scene to the next while climbing up a wall or jumping across a pit or something. Maybe you kill a bad guy or two in between. In Red Dead, it's almost the same, just shorter cut scenes and longer times of running around in between.

About 10 years ago, I had a roommate that played Grand Theft Auto on PS2 all the time. I played it a couple of times, but got bored with it as well. Both of these games have the same "feel" as that one did.

The Move game that came with the console seemed to be ok, but certainly not worth the investment of the entire system. They looked like they may had been better with 2 of the move controllers. I am sure I would get bored with them very quickly.

I have had lots of people tell me how great the graphics are on the PS3. Maybe I had my expectations set way to high, but I was extremely disappointed with what I saw. The graphics on both games looked like something from 4 or 5 years ago. Certainly not a current video game. I do have the system plugged into my tv with an hdmi cable. My tv, while not the newest, is not bad. It is a 61' Samsung DLP that is about 4 years old.

I am going to give it a few more days and try some different games maybe, but if I am not impressed more that what I have seen so far, I am sending about $600 worth of Sony gear back to Best Buy.

Any suggestions on good games to try that have some decent graphics, or should I just send it back and get a new cpu and gpu for my pc.
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  1. I guess it depends on what you like. I also do some pc gaming, been into pc's since about 12 years ago, i am actually a tech by trade. Personally I love my ps3 I game on that more now. Big fan of college football, assasins creed i enjoyed, but its more of a mind game to make you think. You might grab call of duty. I got black ops for Christmas, and cant put it down. I have not beaten the game, but the multiplayer is great. Graphics arent as good as a high end pc, but in my opinion they are good. I understand about the move thing, personally i passed up the move add on. Instead of asking others I would say pick things that are interesting to you. If you are into sports, a lot of the titles from 2010 can be found under 20 at gamestop. I do like gamestop and used games, as far as i know they have a deal where u return a used game in 7 days, even if u just dont like it.
  2. A PC will almost always look better than a console. The consoles look much better on HD TV's.

    If you are into adventure games, Uncharted: Drake's fortune and Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves are very good. The graphics are better in the second game since the first uncharted came out in 2006.

    If you like arcade racing, try Blur or Split Second, or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. For more realistic racing, try Gran Tourismo 5.

    Also, don't forget, you can download lots of demos off the playstation network to try before you buy.

    I don't care to have the move controllers so I didn't get them. I do enjoy both red dead redemption and Assasin's Creed, so our tastes in games may differ.

    For shooters, try Call Of Duty:black Ops, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or Kill Zone 2.
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