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I recently put together my first amd tbird system (yay). It runs fine, until I try to run an intense game, or it will randomly crash after playing a few hours straight of MP3s. It's not the temperature, because I check periodically with that VIA hardware monitor program, and it says that the cpu temp is around 30C. I've oc'd the tbird from 750 to 950, and the stability problems are just as evident at 750 as they are at 950. Here's my setup, can someone tell me if they see a problem with one of my peripherals?

Tbird 750@950, 1.85v, FOP38
300w Power Supply
AGP: Geforce 2 GTS 32
PCI1: empty
PCI2: Aureal SQ2500 sound card
PCI3: Hauppauge WinTV PCI
PCI4: 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100 (3C905-TX)
PCI5: empty
PCI6/ISA: US Robotics winmodem (ISA)
Maxtor 20.4g 7600rpm
HP CD-Writer Plus 9100

Any help with this will be appreciated! I'm prepared to replace certain components if I have to.

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  1. when you find out, let me know I have the same exact problem... My setup is:
    KT7 Raid mobo
    1.1 ghz athlon
    256 megs CAS 2, PC133
    GE Force 2 MX card
    Soundblaster Live! card

    I can do well for hours at a time, then boooooom...locks up and its screeches if it is playing music. If it is just during a game, the screen freezes and there is noththing. Also, on my system my monitor doesnt always come on.. this is the normal thing, if it freezes or if I shut it down for the night it shuts down ok. But, when I go to reboot it I turn on my monitor and computer, the monitor seems like it is working, then you can hear a faint click and it goes black... At this time I can still hear the computer booting up and all... but I cant press the reboot button. I have to yank the cord out of the socket and start it up again and the monitor works fine. I always have to do this. It is very puzzling. I do have a amd certified 300 watt power supply so that isnt the problem. I just think the whole VIA chipset is buggy. If anybody knows how to solve my problems, please let me know. Until then I will just be pyst at my system that works MOST of the time.
  2. I had problems at first, but then it was that I realized I had forgotten to install the VIA chipset INF drivers. I soon as I installed them all was OK.
    HARM: Read all of this before taking any actions. TV Cards are known to cause issues, I would try to rule this out for a start. Sometimes they require a specific IRQ to be assigned, or memory address assigned to them. Install the latest VIA drivers again even if you have installed them. Disable the RAID ATA-100 controller in the BIOS is you are not using it. You don't mention what OS you are using so I will assume Win98se? Be sure you have the latest Nvidia drivers installed, not much of a reason to install the card manufacturers drivers as NVidia's drivers are the same or better, but install the video drivers after you install the VIA drivers. Empty PCI 5 good. Get the latest drivers for the 3Com network card. They had an issue one time that after installing certain programs the network card would kill the BIOS on the motherboard, or just cause havoc. Lastly and probably the most known issue is your SOUND CARD. If you read over a, since Aureal is long gone now, DAMN Creative bought them, you will see many many people having problems with stability, crashes, etc... when using a Aureal chipset sound card, and since you say it crashes after playing MP3's I would look here. The best way to rule this out is unistall the drivers for the soundcard, remove the card and do as normal with no sound and see if the system is stable. You can get the SB Live OEM version on the internet for about $50.00 and it will not cause any problems.
  3. Oh yeah, download and install the latest BIOS from Abit as well if you think this could be an issue. Abit list on the web site what the latest BIOS fixes. It fixed some problems to increase stability and compatibility I believe.
  4. I tried unplugging my tv card, taking out all the drivers, and it still had the same problems. After about 20-30 minutes of delta force 3 (or any game) it would crash just as before. I plugged the card back in, but I don't use the card. The drivers default to irq 12, and when I use that card it locks up. I think I need to change its irq, but this card is not the problem. I'm thinking it's either that aureal card or my generic ram. I'll be trying other ram from a friend asap, and I'll see what I can do about trying another sound card.

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  5. I had a strange problem with my KT7-Raid as well. When playing games there were these constant pauses every couple of seconds. I tried every m/b setting and all possible drive controller slots and settings and they were still there.

    I did some test through Sandra and noticed that my udma4 Maxtor 30Gb drive ran about as fast as a cdrom. I tried some test with some old udma2 and udma3 drives and noticed that they ran much faster. I then tried an IBM udma5 45 Gb drive and it just screamed. The annoying pauses were now gone.

    I notice that you have a maxtor drive too and wonder if there is any connection.

    Also, because you have a tv card, is there any possibility that you have some irq conflicts?
  6. I know this is very old but i found out smth. having similar problems.
    My system hangs after using ANY hardware monitoring software (VIA HM, Sandra or MBM)
    If i use VIA HM it hangs in about 1 min, MBM in about 30 min and Sandra only on those pages when it shows the temperatures. Now i'm not using any (uninstalled all) and it seems to work fine.
    Give it a try and let me know

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