Runescape Keeps Crashing

Every time I play Runescape, an online Java browser game, it seems to crash or freeze on me.

I know my PC is capable of running it, the game is designed for computers even with Windows 2000. I am thinking something is corrupted or in that area. I tried un-installing and re-installing Java, I downloaded the 64Bit since that is what my Windows 7 is. This however did not work, I tried system restore and repair installing Windows 7, neither one worked. I tried updating my graphics card, again no luck.

Last night, I had a similar issue with Youtube as it would not play. I found the solution that it was this Panda Antivirus causing the problem. When I am typing this, I am starting to think, the problem began AFTER I registered that Panda Antivirus, I took most the files off except one, it said I do not have admin privileged when I checked and I have admin and full control.

Here are my questions....

How can I delete that file?
Why does this keep crashing?
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  1. If this makes it any better, its a dreaded .dll file.

    Well I suppose this is the what 6th forum community that is left not answering or clueless.
  2. Nobody has any idea...
  3. Does windows have a terminal? If so, you could probably use it, give yourself admin controls with the command "sudo" or the windows equivalent, and then delete it. I'm not sure if windows has a terminal though, since I'm a unix person.
  4. go into safe mode and try to delete the file, you will have full admin rights to do whatever you need. Try that.
    If that doesn't work, slave the HD to another computer and try deleting it that way (when you slave it, make sure you are in safe mode to access the drive)
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