HELP! Asus A7V + AGP

I just set up a new box the other day, and it's giving me hell. I've tried about 50 million different combonations in the BIOS, none of which seem to affect the outcome. I've format and reinstalled everything (installing 4in1 drivers, etc first) like 5 times, to no evail. I've format and reinstalled leaving out every other card except video, SAME thing, and I have formated with a PCI video card, then added my GTS, and still the same thing. What I get is Resource Conflicts. CPU to AGP Controller memory ranges confict with both AGP cards I have. I have also tried setting the memory ranges on both the video card and CPU to AGP controller manually. Did not work. Also tried changing IRQ for the video card. Nada.(A voodoo5 and a leadtek winfast GTS 32meg) I do not get this error with the PCI card, and I also get the same thing with just the GTS on a VA6 + Celly box (Also a VIA Chipset), but not with the v5. I'm lost...

Asus A7V
T-Bird 900 (Not over-clocked)
256 megs of pc133 RAM (One DIMM)
Soundblaster Live! Value
Kingston EtherX KNE111 10/100
Leadtek WinFast GeForce GTS 32meg (Also tried a Voodoo5)
300watt Powerman Power Supply
15 gig WD HDD
Mitsubishi DVD 8x

Think that's about it.. someone help if they can!
P.S. I'm running Win95b

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  1. wow! great set up. If only i could afford it. Anyway i had a problem with my Creative GEForce2MX earlier. Everytime i activated the hardware acceleration my PC locks up. I installed the VIA 4-in-1 drivers that came with my board and it works. My bios is 1004b. I bought my PC last month.
  2. Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. Put on the VIA drivers that came with the board first (off the cd). Then you can update the VIA drivers to what ever version you want.
  3. A hard drive will not cause resource conflicts....good grief!

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  4. Ok if all else fails read the offense. Pay special attention the the way your onboard devices are assigned irq's. The a7v has alot of devices assigned to share resources with certain pci slots. For starters if you are not useing these devices disable them in bios ( ie com ports, onboard sound et all.) Try starting with just your video card and get your os running without issues. Then install your sound card. If you run into a conflict remove it and try a differnet slot. Run through this process until you have evertything installed. Each time you install a new device enable the "reset configuration data" in bios to reassign irq's. I find it preferable to always set a new system up this way one card at a time that will help you track down problems alot easier.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  5. Not only do you have very bad english but what you suggest has absolutly nothing to do with this man's problem's. Little note: to make sense with your signature it should read "overclocking is the key to computing" or "the key to computers is overclocking". Though no performance champ his WD hard drive will work just fine.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  6. Here's some IRQ info for ya pertaining to your A7V
    PCI 4 and 5 share IRQ's with onboard USB controller
    PCI 1 and 2 share IRQ's with AGP slot (BAD! )
    PCI 3 shares with nothing!
    So I'd move your SB Live! to its own IRQ which is PCI Slot 3!
    The other things you may have in the pci slots such as NICs, Modems, and other things aren't as system intensive as your soundcard.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  7. Its not the hd.
    He needs to put on the VIA drivers that came with the board.
  8. Uh I never said it was the hard drive in fact I said it definatly was not he hard drive if you read, furthermore it is not the via drivers either it is just the way assigns the irqs and you have to pay spcial attentio to this as I explained.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  9. My KT7 has an option called Reset Configuration Data in PnP/PCI Configuration section of the BIOS setup. Selecting "Enabled" cleared up all my initial resource conflicts. I could not get my modem or my sound card to work until I discovered this option.

    Windows 98SE re-detected all my hardware after this change.

    Reset-Configuration-Data has to be enabled Enabled every time I change or move PCI cards. The option automatically reverts to disabled after a reboot.

    Maybe your A7V has the same option.

    At a later date I discovered the following description of the option, courtesy of, Abit KT7/KT7-RAID BIOS Guide (an excellent resource).

    "Reset Configuration Data
    This option is a "do once" setting that clears the extended system configuration data (ESCD) portion of the CMOS (where the BIOS stores information on the resources used by each PCI card) and make the system reallocate resources next time you boot. This setting should be enabled whenever you move PCI cards around in your system or add a new one. There is no need to disable this afterwards, as this is done automatically."
  10. I'd try a later OS. I had the same experience you had. Eventually, I got things to run by following the others' advice about SB Live in slot 3, etc. Everything was still very flaky. Win98SE was better. Win2000 was about the same. Finally WinME was the best. It was the only OS that the installation ran completely thru without hiccup. If you haven't already solved your problems, I'd look to Win98SE or WinME. Good luck-
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