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I have used my A7V with windows ME and had a similar problem. it ME the computer would freeze if I left it on for half an hour and didnt touch it. it also would freeze if I was surfing the net for more than an hour or so. now in Win2K instead of freezing everything when I leave it on or surf the net it slows down to a crawl - I noticed that the CPU utilization is spiked at 100% on 'System' in the task manager, not verry helpfull. I think the two are related some how. I have 1005C, latest drivers, cant figure it out: Nvidia GeForce2 GTS, SB Live, WinTV PCI, HP USB Modem, iPAQ PocketPC attachked with ActivSync. it still locks up without active sync loaded. any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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  1. Did you put on the VIA drivers from the Asus disk?
    These drivers do more than the other VIA drivers for some reason. I think they even make registry changes. Do a clean install and put on the VIA drivers from the Asus disk and then you can upgrade and put on any VIA drivers you want but put on the ones from the disk first.
  2. before you do any of that, try to find what program is hogging your CPU time, you can find it on the processes tab of task manager then look for the cpu column, the number there is the % of time that the program uses. usually when you have no active program (i.e. internet explorer, usually not your background apps; depends on how you have your priorities set) "system idle process" should be at 99

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