STALKER jumpy barely even loads?

i just got the stalker bundle of steam with two of the games in and tried to play one but the game barley loads without freezing and when i did finally get in i walked one step and if froze,

this was happening on both games i would really like some help.

my system should easily be good enough

geforce gtx 260
6gb ram

i can play starcraft 2 and bad company and all that stuff no problem, what is going on?
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  1. can no one help me with this then
  2. Re-install the game and see if that fixes it.
  3. I bought the same deal off Steam, installed the 1st game and it works fine for me on max settings and my comp is less powerful than yours. Try reinstalling and updating your drivers.

    AMD 9950 Quad Core @2.6
    7800 GT
    However, if you really want to play the game we can always trade comps :)
  4. 32 bit system or 64 bit? Also there was a bunch of patches for each game if I remember correctly. You got those right? (Sorry its a noob question but we got to troubleshoot)

    Also is it the 2nd game you are having trouble with and not the first game? The 2nd game was glitch fest honestly. I uninstalled it because it was so damn glitchy
  5. Which of the three Stalkers are you talking about? If it is Clear Sky then it's a buggy game and even with lots of patches release no cure at all still buggy. However Shadow of chernobyl and Pripyat has no problem.
  6. yeah clear sky. thats the one im talking about. that was a glitch fest
  7. i've played clearsky through and no problems, I think i applied a mod though CS Enhanced, not sure how that works in steam.
  8. sorry i have not replied to answer Qs.
    first of i have 64bit windows 7
    2. the games i am having problems with are Call of Pripyat and Shadow of Chernobyl
    3.i bought this in a bundle on steam so i assumed that steam updates the game when patches come out automatically, it does with my other games but i will look into this thanks.

    also i have been on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. forums on the steam site and it seems alot of people who bought this on steam or having the same problem, people are saying it is a problem with 64bit windows or it is a problem with the steam launcher and it doesn't like it i don't really know.

    there doesn't seem to be any fix for this and the forum over there have gone dead on this topic for now.
  9. fyi, from my previous post, I bought the bundle as well from Steam and only installed
    Shadow of Chernobyl, and I am on Win7 32bit.
    Not sure why the 64bit version would have issues.
  10. i'm on 64bit win 7, have played them all through, its not an inherent 64bit problem.
  11. can you try running it in compatability mode?
  12. Ok another update for anyone that cares or has any solutions,

    i re-installed the game and started it up it did the same but i decided to just leave it on the loading screen while i went doing something and it started to go up (EXTREMELY SLOWLY) and when i got in the game i was running fine all highest settings over 60fps no problems. only when i went on to the menu it started to jump and go slow again but when i got back to the game it was fine again.

    but now does anyone know how i could sort out the loading time i mean it take about 15-20 mins to load up, i have seen people say it only takes there's 20-30 seconds so i know that is not right?
  13. have you another hdd you could try installing it to, i.e. e:\stalker ? I know you are steam so maybe not possible.
  14. Back up all your files. Format all HDD's. Clean/custom install of windows. System partition 60-100gb. Install all drivers (latest). Windows update. Install steam. Install stalker. Play. Yea it works. Bobs your uncle and fannies your aunt! Need a whole day mind!
    Your comp probably needs it!
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