My computer keeps crashing on games

For a few months now, my computer has been screwing up, giving me bluescreens, the color screws up, goes to powersave randomly for some unknown reason, and keeps crashing when i play my games.
TF2, L4D2, MW2, and BFBC2
Somedays it would crash a few minutes into it, or it wouldn't crash for a few days/weeks.
It happened again and this time the computer wouldn't start for a few days, its fine now, but i can't play anything now.
Does anyone know why and how

Keep answers reasonably simple please.
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  1. I don't know why but TF2 keeps crashing immediately after the intro, baldie with faucet and source. I've tried on the start up -console, -autoconfig,-novid. I've also tried verifing the integreity than defragging. None of this has worked obviously. Does anyone know why and how to fix this problem?

    Keep answers reasonably simple please.
  2. try reinstalling the game
  3. I already did, it didn't work.
  4. Does the event viewer provide any clues as to the crash?
  5. Nope just stops, as if never started.
  6. What are your computer's specs? Have you updated all of your drivers? To do so, you need to run Microsoft Updates to get all of the releases. For video drivers, you may want to visit your graphic card manufacturer website to download the most recent stable drivers.

    Before we jump into anything else, it'd be best to know what you're working with, and I'll give you my two cents although, of course, you always want to verify any conclusions with multiple sources to ensure that you take the safest route.
  7. Do you have DEP (data execution prevention) turned on for all programs. XP throws out an error box when the program needs added as a DEP exemption. Win 7 does too, but I noticed on my computer Win 7 doesn't always throw up the error window. if you have DEP turned on for all programs, set it back to "on for windows programs and services only".
  8. Processor:Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13 GHz
    Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB
    System Type 32-bit Operating System
    Graphics Card:Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

    I've updated the video driver to the newest (260.99)
    I've checked the windows update and there is one for my Graphics card, ill download it and see what happens.
  9. Before your games crash, do your frames per second drop substantially? Any symptoms before the games crash? Or a sudden, abrupt stop?
  10. I have a Vista
  11. Sudden abrupt stop. How do i check the fps?
  12. It's different in each application, but for easier benchmarking, if you have fraps, it will show you the FPS in every application you run. That's a video recording software, but just an easy way to do it. Or, if you can, an easier way, load up any game, go to it's options and look for an option along the lines "Show FPS", "Display FPS"
  13. I dont have fraps and I cant get into my games to show the fps.
  14. Well, Fraps wouldn't work either if you can't load up the applications. Any errors when you try to load up a game?
  15. The Abrupt stop is for TF2
    MW2 says there is a DirectX problem
    And L4D2 shows that steam is preparing to launch then it does nothing after it goes away.
    Idk about BFBC2
  16. Okay, have you tried updating Direct X through
  17. No not yet.
    Do you think there's a chance I'm going to need a new graphics card?
  18. Nah, no way. I wouldn't go as far as to say you'd need new hardware. If anything, I'd just reformat my PC. That's normally what I do, but even now, that may seem a little too forward. Sometimes just doing a clean sweep fixes my problems. You could also re-seat everything in your PC, I mean, the simplest methods really are the biggest help. Could give you a great opportunity to clean out your PC and help it's ventilation too!

    Just an fyi, by re-seating, I mean, for example pulling out your RAM and sticking it back in. Same goes for power supply connectors, etc. Don't do it if you don't have any experience with it, though. Or, I can find you a guide that will spoon feed you through it. Better safe than sorry.
  19. Would any of this change any settings or files in the computer?
  20. No ill try that.
  21. I would look at the drivers first, as someone had mentioned. I would then look at what has changed since your computer worked great previously (Hardware change, files changed, missing or broken registry files)
    The last thing, which I am not saying is the case, is that your CPU is overheating (could be thermal paste gone bad) OR more likely is that your power supply is on its way out.
    IT sounds like the main symptoms of power supply not being able to supply your graphics card with the power it needs. You will get blue screens, and game crashing if the power supply isnt up to the task.........

    Hope this helps!
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    Team Fortress 2 keeps crashing after Intro
  23. I just wanted to point out throughout my extensive hardware experience, when a game crashes before even starting, the two things I look at would be the power supply, and the graphics card. If it just started happening, try taking your graphics card out, and try it in a friends computer just to see if it works........(Troubleshoot)
    If the card is ok, the next thing I would troubleshoot is the Power Supply. Get it tested......A power supply test is something that a best buy can do for you. Then look at the wattage, and what kind of card you are running. For instance if you have a Geforce 470, and a 400 watt power supply.......its not rated high enough for your graphics card needs.
    You may have added a newer graphics card recently?? Is that the case?
    Any new card worth its weight needs at least a 500 watt to start. Just sayin.
  24. My .02 cents...

    I would agree with all of that, but I would like to add one more food for thought...
    Try physically looking at your motherboard, it almost sounds like you have blown compactors. Caps are cylinder, they range in height, they have an X on the top, and they should be flat across the top.

    Look for caps. that are leaking acid, or are bubbled at the top where the X is (should be flat)...

    Caps store power, and if certain components request more power than the cap can give, you will get a BSOD, or your system will hang. Replacing the motherboard is the only option if you have blown caps

    This doesn't happen very often any more, but on older systems it is pretty common. Especially when you constantly beat the system up or it is exposed to alot of heat...

    Best of luck!
  25. TKLR,
    Although you bring up a valid point, Motherboards today are either on or off, and if an error such as you are talking about will not even allow it to boot up. This person said their problem is when they start up games. Although I would agree you should look at your motherboard from time to time for maintenance purposes, I doubt this particular problem has anything to do with motherboard component failure, especially due to the fact there would also be a message with the blue screen with the error number, which in this case is not happening.
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