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Much appreciate any advise whether the mainboard Abit BP6 with dual 370 socket can support Celeron 533A and Pentium III (copermine).
If so, does it support single or dual CPU?
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  1. Yes, dual.

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  2. Thanks, Crashman. I see that BP6 supports FSB 133 and clock multiplier upto 8. Does that mean it can run dual 1GHz Pentium III (7.5x133)? Will it be stable at all at FSB 133?
  3. To run PIIIs on the bp6 you need some PPGA-(FC-PPGA) converters. get more info from the forums at www.Bp6.com.
    you will have to solder some cables, change voltages (yes the bp6 supports 1.6v cpu cores) Overclock the AGP bus to 89Mhz (133/2) and probly change one of the capacitors (EC10 between the cpus) to 2200uF 16v. will it run stable? probly not (got one myself! Cel400@552Mhz).

    I think it would be better to buy a VP6 or MSI 694D or wait for some Dual/Quad socket A boards.
  4. Sorry to say that I was misinformed by a news post on another website. The BP6 is indeed SUPPOSED to work in that configuration, but I don't know if they have updated it as I was told. BP6.com says otherwise!

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  5. What can I do? There're quite different answers for my questions. Is it true that I definitely will need a NeoS370 card to run FC-PGA on my BP6, even in single mode?
  6. Ok, here´s what i know.

    1. You will need a NeoS370 EVEN in single mode
    2. Stability is questionable
    3. According to Bp6 forum it is not proven that the Bp6 can run dual Coppermines. and if it would you have to solder some cables between the cpu sockets.
    4. My Bp6 (and others) cant handle a high power graphics card like the GTS(or any other high power device). This is because of poor capacitors on the board.
  7. Thanks for clarification. In my country, there's noway for me to secure the NEO adapter. So I should keep using the PPGA Celeron. Could you advise which one is the best overclocked PPGA Celeron on the BP6 board?
  8. Well the cel533 (not celeron 553a) can goto 600 without a problem. I have an ATI radeon and works great. im getting a powerleap neo and buying p3 600 and overclocking it to the max.

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