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I have purchased a Asus A7V MB and i currently have a duron 700 running on it. I have read that the max chip speed i can use in on the MB is 1Gig. Is this because 1 gig was the fastest chip available at time of print, if that is the case will i be able to upgrade to 1.2Gig Athlon at a later date and will i still be able to use the faster Athlon chips as and when they are released.


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  1. You shouldnt have a problem running any Athlons up to 1.2Ghz. However current Athlons do have a max multipler setting of 12.5x. Anything beyond that must be achieved by over clocking your bus. A bios update may be necessary for your A7V to correctly post the processor speed above 1Ghz. This is just eye candy and I would not recommend a bios flash just for the sake of seeing the correct posted speed.

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  2. Hi there,l thanks for the reply. I do not understand the part...."However current Athlons do have a max multipler setting of 12.5x"??????
  3. Dont worry about it too much, but basically the 'speed' is determined by two things, the Front Side Bus (FSB) and the multiplier. The athlons default FSB is 100MHZ, and the multiplier determines the speed, for example multiplier of 8 gives 100x8=800MHZ. On the A7V multiplier settings go up to 12.5, I think, so without tampering with the FSB, 1250MHZ would be the limit. I'm not sure if that is the multiplier limit of the chip, or of the board...but anyway the chip has to be able to handle the higher speed, for example my Athlon 800 wont work at 10.5 multiplier, but runs fine at 10, giving me 1G. Hope this helps.

  4. yes, you can use a 1.2GHz.
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