Can i run games on medium-low settings?

I have a intel 945g graphics card, 1 gig of ram , windows vista, 320gb hd and a pentium 4 d 820 2.8ghz dual core :fou: and was wondering if i upgraded to 4 or 3 gb and got new graphics card if my computer would run most up to date games. Also would it make my 2007 gateway computer run faster altogether and by how much? Im thinking about fall out and new vegas. Also maybe black ops or battlefield bad company two.
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  1. New video card and RAM will make games play much better, but you need to look at the minimum specs for the games to be sure. I'd venture to say you can make almost any game playable with a good video card, and your motherboard may be able to accept a faster CPU at some point as well (check the model and see what it can run with).
  2. intel 945g is onboard video right? If so then you'll have some trouble with the newer games. I had a 7600GS video card and it ran decent but the lag pretty much killed it. It stuttered a lot. It will kill it for you honestly.
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