SciSoft Sandra Wrong??

Hello all. I just recently upgraded my old machine by purchasing a new Asus A7 mobo, and a Duron 750Mhz processor. Additionally I splurged and added a Radeon 64mb DDR card, and a SBLive! I reused my old 160mb of pc-100 ram, and am not currently overclocking ANYTHING to my knowledge. Lo-and-behold though, SciSoft Sandra reports that the multipliers for my ISA, PCI, and AGP busses are all too high. My FSB is only 100Mhz x 2 pipelines. Yet, SciSoft Sandra2000 reports that my AGP bus is running at 400mhz, my PCI at 50Mhz, and my ISA at 13Mhz. This system has been running quite stable now for about 4 months,,,,so I can't believe that everything is somehow overclocked. I never changed any jumpers, and cannot even find the multiplier settings in the bios. As it is, the bios is SO complete that I'd not imagine them leaving it out. So, my question to you is : Is my board overclocked? Is SciSoft Sandra2000 wrong? What dangers might this pose? And, howe can I fix it? Finally, the one crash I do get quite regularly now, is that if I move my mouse while downloading in Internet Explorer 5.5, the system usually locks up after a few seconds, then fully restarts after about a minute of being frozen. If I don't move the mouse,,,I have no problems. So, this would appear to be an IRQ/hardware issue, not related to my other problem above. Any info on this owuld be appreciated as well. BTW, I'm using Sci Soft Sandra 2000 pro, and the 7068 drivers for my Radeon, the 1024 drivers for my SBLive!, and the latest Bios Revision for my A7 motherboard. Thanks all in advance!!!
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  1. Get Sandra 2001 that just came out in November
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