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No, im not asking for CD-keys but i want to ask an interesting question, bare with me while i explain my question... : let's take Command and Conquer Generals for instance. If you can enter ANY valid CD key on a single Command and Conquer Generals disk, then does that mean that one disk holds ALL CD - keys for the Command and Conquer Generals game? .. would it be an encrypted file of some sort? (I do apologise if my question is out of line, if it is then please lock the thread)
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  1. I would imagine that some algorithm is used to verify that the key is valid. As the keys are pretty large only a small percentage of possible keys will be valid ones. So it's a question of calculation rather than storing valid keys.
  2. I agree with ijack, I believe that the keys are part of an algorithm. once you enter the key it checks the algorithm and verifies if it is correct. Then the game will send the key + computer info or/and your personal info back to the company. Then that key is tied to you and your comp.
    This will allow you to install on your computer only.
    However, I do think that there is an expiration date on the hardware part because you can always upgrade.

    This is just my speculation.
  3. Interesting, thanks for your opinions mates...seems feasable
  4. Yeah i think its just a algorithm. I would think that it would have to be since there are things called Keygen's out there that can generate keys. I guess they found out the algorithm and thats how keygens are made(Just a thought, im not a programmer so dont quote me)
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