Abit KT7A vs. Asus A7V

next week im going to buy a new mobo but i dont know witch one i should choose...witch on is better: Abit KT7A or Asus A7V ?? i use win2000 and when i read the post about memory probs with the abit when you use more then 1 memorychip i dont know witch one i should choose.

My future System:
Duron 800mhz
Abit KT7A / Asus A7V
2x Mira 128MB PC133 SDRAM

please help me choose :), thanks
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  1. Both Abit and Asus make good motherboards. Abit might be better because they have better support (Asus support isn't very good). However, if you are big into 3d games, don't get either of them. I previously had an Asus A7V motherboard and every time I would go into a game, it would kick out after only a few minutes of play. After reading dozens of forums (including this one), I discovered that many people are having this same type of problem. It seems that the problem is with the VIA KT133 chipset, as it affects all of the motherboards based on that chipset. I tried new VIA drivers, new video card drivers, flashing the BIOS, I installed Win 98SE 8 times, as well as trying ME and 2K. No luck. After two weeks of pulling my hair out and coming home to a broken computer, I finally gave up and bought an Asus CUSL2 with a Pentium III 733. I know Intel processors are overpriced, and I was becoming an Intel hater, but now I'm back on the Intel bandwagon. If you're really tight on money, you can go ahead and see if you can get the A7V to work, but if you hate hassle like I do, just spend the extra $150 dollars or so and get the Intel. Until AMD works on getting their chipsets fixed (possibly by making their own like Intel does), then I would stick with Intel.
  2. Get the A7V, that way, if you do have a problem, I'll be able to help you fix it.
    But you probably won't have any problems.
    There are plenty of threads around here with instructions and help on how to get set up.
  3. I'd also go towards the Asus A7V.

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  4. Out of those two, I chose the A7V, and have not regretted it. There are other options, and you have to think about what you will be doing on your comp...but I say the A7V. About 3D games...I can play Alien v Predator without a single crash, and Expendable. Those are my only games though...they came free with Creative stuff.

  5. The issue here is that the Abit is using the KT133a chipset instead of the KT133 in the Asus board. This chipset will allow for the use of the 266MHz FSB instead of the 200MHz. For this reason I would recommend the Abit KT7a. Actually I just ordered one myself and got it yesterday. I won't get a chance to put it in for a few days, but I can't wait.

    John Garrett
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  6. i have both boards i found used but am running the abit with an amd athlon 2000+ processor but the problem i have is that the abit isnt allowing the full speed of the processor to be used and it doesnt recognize what the processor is since it calls it an unknown processor
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