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Pcsx2 ps2 games emulation

I've got a 9400gt 1gb, I know it does suck, but I play at 1024x768(very small 14" CRT 10 yr old monitor) so I guess its safe to use resolutions of 800x600, lower shadows,post processing.

Got a 1tb 7200.12 seagate, 2.8ghz e7400, 4gb ddr2 800mhz ram too.

I played fate unlimited codes, using gsdx ssse4.1 plugin dx9/10 (hardware)
it emulated fine, gave me 60fps even at 1024x768 (my max resolution)
also when i used software in graphics plugin, the graphic quality degraded a lot and also the framerate shrinked to 25fps[what i noted is, image was of 1.1gb and files within image were 1.1gb too]

Now I played black, using the same plugin, in hardware the image quality was absurd entirely, and using software the 25fps shrinking problem was there [image of 3.7gb but files inside only 1.6gb]

So is there any solution to this?
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    These are not emulation forums and discussing such topics are against Tom's terms of use.

    Move along.
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