MASS EFFECT - 1, by any chance, are they real ?

Are the name of the galaxies given in the Mass Effect 1 real or the designers just cooked those names as it is not difficult to just include real constellations and systems to make game look more realistic, however at the same time, for this, designers will hv to really sit and go throuh NASA website and manuals so just wanted to know if they really did it or not.
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  1. Mass Effect 1 has a mix of fictional features and real features, most systems \ planets would not of course use their current scientific designations anyway, as the galaxy is travelled by the mass effect relays rather than explored freely, many systems would have been explored and named by other species before humans discovered the mass relays etc, so ancient human names for constellations would have had no priority over established names from other cultures \ species.

    Frontier Elite 2 way back in the 90's had a model of a fair chunk of the galaxy with each star having its "real" name, I believe they were all in their correct places etc.
  2. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Also, it's just one galaxy, the milky way.

    thats what making me think.. at least we know a bit of our galaxy.
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