A7V-AGP 4x/2x (Stability Prob)

okay, well i have this problem with running in optimal mode (4x AGP) as compared to Normal mode(2x). Whenever I run under optimal mode, after a Min. or so of playing a graphics intense game/video, my entire system will lockup
Any Ideas??
System Specs are as follows:

Athlon T-Bird 900 (no Overclock)
2 mem cards totaling 256mb pc 133 ram(128mb each)
Radion DDR 32 mb APG (can do 4x, or 2x)
300 W ATX Powersupply

nothing else really matters, so far; the most tests I've done on this prob, is on Thief 2, the strange thing about it is that, the higher the resolution, the longer The game works, w/out freezing,
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  1. What OS are you running. I had similar problems with my AIW Radeon DDR32 under Win2K. Check the video card forum and you will see others have too. WinME has been the best choice for me. The games I have are pretty old (NFSIII, Falcon4,WSBK, and kids games). So far I have no problems in gaming at AGP4x.
  2. I have the exact same problem!
    When the Bios is set to optimal my computer locks up at random times.
    Web pages with moving graphics and games (Diablo II) seem to trigger it.
    But If I set the bios to Normal my system becomes rock stable, running for over 2 weeks at a time with no lockup or errors.

    900 Tbird @ 1 Gig (FSB100 x 10) copper hedge hog
    I have a geforce2 MX using the detonator drivers.
    Bios 1004c and the Via drivers are only about 3 weeks old (Don’t know if there are new ones since then).
    256 MB of Micron (cas2)
    300 watt PS

    I tried running the CPU at stock (900) and experienced the same problems.

    I would love to get my computer running at optimal just to know I am squeezing every bit of performance out of it. But I doubt I could tell a difference on games or apps except in benchmarks.
    Maybe I should just be happy with my system and leave it alone.

    Thx & Cya
  3. Found answer, just flash your bios to the most recient version, i believe it is ***(check for updated v.), dload the aflash prog, and then the image file (*.*awd) and when it asks to update, type in the *.*awd file, and optimal will work w/ no probs

    (find the 2 files on Asus homepage, under the A7V stuff)

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  4. The most recent version of the A7V BIOS is 1005c on the Asus website. I had similar problems until I upgraded to a 1005 generation BIOS. I highly recommend it. Now I can use AGP4X and AGP Fast write without any system crashes.

    Flashing your BIOS is always risky business! Be careful!

    <i>So what if I don't NEED 170fps. Your point is what?</i> :cool: James
  5. I just flashed form 1004c up to 1005c. I then set my bios to optimal and so far so good.
    No crashed or lockups yet but I will keep u posted.
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