Upgrade question for Vista on HDD to Windows 8 on new SSD.

Hi. Searched but didn't find anything. I bought Windows 8 Pro upgrade and I want to upgrade from Vista on my HHD. I have a brand new SSD that, from what I read, should have Windows 8 freshly installed on. My question is, if I put my SSD in and put W8 on it, how can I get rid of Vista off the HHD so I can use the old HHD to reinstall programs I don't want to install on the SSD, and what will happen to my personal files (files in my user folders like pictures and video) on the HHD that are under Vista? Will they survive or should I try to move them on another HHD? (I do have a 2TB drive in addition to the new SSD I'm adding once I install W8, by the way.)
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  1. And a quick side question...I'm bummed cuz the Windows 8 box didn't have a PC sticker. (Make fun of me, but I like those stickers.) Anyone have any details how to get them if they are available?
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