AHhhh my A7V has aCrisis!

Please help! I order my parts from all the way across the country and I really don't want to return all this stuff to have them fix it.
I got a A7V mobo with 105B BIOS
T-bird 1 gig and Kingmax RAM PC133 256mb CL2.
Chrome Orb

When I first put together the system it would start up fine but freeze at random within 15 seconds. After trouble shooting through everything I could think of I took the whole thing apart and then rebuilt. Now nothing happens when I turn it on, no beep, nothing, just a black screen. I'm sure all the stuff is plugged in correctly (V Card, CPU, Heatsink/fan, and memory.) The company I got it from suggested the memory and said it would work with my board. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

I've tried switching video cards from Tnt2AGP to a PCI card and it still froze the first time around and it did nothing the second time. I checked all the jumpers to make sure they were off as in default. I tried turning the system on both front and back. Tried switching the ram to my old PC100 ram which was 128mb but the mobo said it was 256 when I booted up the system. I reset the BIOS to uncourrupt anything in there. I tried disconnecting all the drives, slave, master, floppy, CD-rom...everything except the Mobo, Video card, Ram and Fan. I turned Virus detect off too. After I did all this and nothing worked I took it all apart, even the CPU and Chrome Orb and reinstalled it to make sure that was working. I tried it without the Chrome orb for 6 seconds and nothing happened at all. At the point the CPU was hot as [-peep-] and I smelled something burnt so I put the chrome orb back on. Could that 5 seconds fried the T-Bird? I'm out of ideas. Please help!
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  1. Not it gives me alternating low/high beeps. like baaa bummm baaa bumm...what does that mean?
  2. I'm sure you realize it now. Don't take your heatsink of the processor while your system is on, ever. If your Athlon is still alive and you can get into bios, check the temp and see if it is within acceptable limits (I'm not sure what's normal for over 1 gig but check the AMD website). Also, do you have any thermal paste or tape between the die and the heat sink. If not, you need it. I'd suggest Arctic Silver. You can get it, among other places, at www.coolerguys.com

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  3. I'm sorry but I have to say it....I have to....this is the price ppl WILL pay for cheap equipment! there I've said it. I feel better now, don't you?

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  4. Dude NEVER and I mean NEVER BOOT your system with no heatsink/fan on your cpu- I would say it to you the way I said it to the last guy that did that but I don't want to hurt your feelings. You are just asking for trouble when you do a stupid thing like that.

    The problem could have been anything. It could have been an ide cable installed improperly. A jumper was not set up properly. Your power supply is bad. You didn't prep the mobo properly(dip switches etc.). Your memory sticks were not compatible. It could have been anything other than the cpu.

    What you should of done if you suspected the cpu when it was posting-> first check cpu temp in bios. If really hot then TURN of the computer and reseat the HSF. Turn it back on and check the temp. again. Do this until the HSF has been mounted properly and temp. is under normal perameters. If you can't do this properly then bring it to a hardware store where they will do it for you properly. If it was not the cpu temp. then it could have been a whole host of other problems(some already mentioned)->which is the most likely scenerio.

    AND YES you have just ruined your processor. I hope the people you bought from give you a hard time cause sometimes people should literally pay for their stupidity.
  5. Please add to the thread Most Stupid Thing You have ever done To Your Computer...if it still exists. If not start a new one...
    Why didn't you post here first, before deciding that maybe the HSF was causing the problem...I mean c'mon...a fan preventing the system from booting! I'm sure you yourself understand how ridiculous that is.

  6. Hehe. Talking about messing PC's up. I had a really old PC that I genearally used for surfing the net and stuff. And I had it plugged in my room, but I didn't know that the electricity outlet was malfunctioning. And one day I was playing Quake on it and all of a sudden i hear a *ffsss*, the screen goes black and the room starts smellin like if I had burnt a tire in it. Then i found out the battery backup was the one that got ****ed up. I still don't know if the CPU got messed too or not. HEHE and that was the first PC i ***ed up. Luckily it was an AMD-K5 166Mhz.
  7. Hey Desighnteam

    Before you fly off at this guys actions, it is very possible that the HSF combo could cause the computer not too boot. If he installed that heatsink/ fan with such brute force that it crushed the core of the proc, than hell ya, the machine is not going too boot!!!!!!!!


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  8. with a hlack screen i would say your proccessor was murdered by the chrome orb.
    those obs have killed more socket a proccessors than all intel zealots combined!
    sorry to hear of the demise of such a noble chip.
    next time try a fop 38 and don't forget a very thin coating of some high quality thermal goop.
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