Weak power supply symptoms?

Hi All,

OK...I am really curious about this before I go buy a new power supply. I've currently got an A7V w/ a T-bird 900 (not OCed yet) and a GF2 GTS. I recently installed Win2k fresh and have been experiencing some crashes randomly. Mostly they have been while running the OpenGL flower box screen saver...it just freezes. I have been wondering for a while now weather or not my 250W Antec PS is too weak for the T-bird and the GTS. The AMD page says it's good through a 950MHz, but everywhere I've seen that I should get a 300 regardless with a T-bird.

So my question is what exactly are the signs of a weak power supply? Freezes like this? Or is this due to something else? I'm running the 4.25a VIA drivers.

Thanks in advance for any help.

That burning rubber smell means that it's working.
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  1. could be, the gts takes alot of power.

    that would be the first thing i'd chage.

    300w ps's are pretty cheap now anyway.
  2. i just saw a site that had a link labelled
    patch for win2k agp with athlon/duron....

    u might want 2 check it out.

  3. Pretty much all problems you can experience can be attributed to a weak power supply, Random lockups, reboots, strange error messages ect can all be attributed to a power supply gone bad, 250w is on the low side for your pc
  4. I would have a 300w power supply for any of the newer AMD processors.

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