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I am planning to buy a wired gamepad for my pc~ Which would be a good choice? I have xbox 360 wired controller for windows and logitech rumblepad 2 in mind. Any opinions on which i should get would be helpful. If there are other options in the same price range i would glad to hear about them. Also, i don't own a ps3 or xbox, so i am not used to any type of button layout yet. Thank You.
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    They are both pretty decent controllers but your personal preferences will influence your decision. The xbox controller has the analog sticks staggered while the logitech has them right next to each other. I feel that the xbox stick layout is a bit more comfortable in the hand. Also the xbox controller has triggers while the logitech has buttons. Again it all comes down to what you prefer. Personally I would choose the xbox controller due to ergonomics.
  2. Personally I think the Xbox is a great controller, really smartly designed and fits the average hand nicely.

    However, it's all down to personal preference, as BlueRambo says.

    The old original Xbox controller was chunky as hell and I wasn't keen on that at all....
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