Counter Strike Source not loading

Hi all! Been having an issue with CSS not loading recently.

When I try to open CSS, the little "preparing to launch game" window comes up, my mouse curser gets the little working icon next to it, and thats it. The screen doesnt even flash, nothing. Ive opened up task manager and there is no trace of CSS running, only Steam shows(this is in both the applications tab and processes tab). I recently bought a new SSD that Im now using as my primary, and then bought an EVGA GTX570 just the other day. I have not played CSS since Ive gotten either of those upgrades though. Im guessing there is either an issue with the graphics driver of sorts, or that Steam is on my secondary HDD(used to be primary) and something is not being found when it tries to load because of it.

If anyone has an idea/suggestion that would be really great. Or possibly a link to another thread like this.

Computer Specs:
Core 2 Duo e8500
4gb OCZ memory @800mhz
Crucial RealSSD c300 128gb
Western Digital HDD 600gb 7200rpm
Windows 7 Professional 64bit

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  1. You installed the graphics drivers ?>
    If no, thats the starting point-
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