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Game Pad vs. Gaming Keyboard vs. Better Mouse

So, in my current set up I use a standard keyboard with a mx518 mouse, this works fine for most fps games and rts games. However, for games like WoW, where I have a TON of spells/cooldowns/items I am constantly using and where most fights are movement intensive, I run into problems.

Anyways, this next part is mostly my rambling, so you can probably skip it, or just read it for more detail: The character I play serves as a healer then a melee dps and a tank. As a healer everything works out fine, since I can just move with wasd, and I made 3 of the buttons on my mouse into shift, ctrl, and ctrl+shift modifiers, so I can just heal with hover macros and various mouse combinations. I never really nee to click on anything. However, when I get to be a melee dps, I have 12 buttons alone that I need to press for my dps rotation alone, plus another 10 or so utility buttons, plus I need to be able to click on various mobs, and I need to constantly follow my target around and stay behind it. I run into a similar problem for tanking and my mouse sadly cannot do enough binds. This results in my needing to use my number keys for my attacks (which is fine), and navigate with my mouse. The problem with this is that I cannot do any fine-tuned movement with the mouse, which can often be vital (it won't let me bind things like strafing or moving backwards to the mouse), or if I need to move and click something at the same time, I just need to abandon attacking my target.

In summary of the above section, I need an easy way to be able to move, use abilities and items, click on things, and occasionally adjust camera angle all at once, and I do not think that my current set up can handle that. Because of this, I am considering a gamepad, such as the g13, since I would be able to move with my thumb, use modifiers and click with my mouse, and then use any spells or keybinds with the keypad.

However, this seems kind of silly to me to buy a game pad that I will only use for one game (unless Old Republic has oodles of spells when it comes out too). I also need a new keyboard and was going to buy a decent $20 one, but is there a way that a slightly more expensive gaming keyboard could accommodate my problem? Another possible solution would just be for me to get a gaming mouse with more buttons like the razer naga... Or maybe I am just doing it wrong.
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  1. I am against game pads myself because I see them as kind of frivolous. I use a standard keyboard and a G500 and never have any problems. You should try and work your macros around. Tab works for mob selecting. I find my self contantly switching between mouse movement and WASD depending on what I need to acess and how far away the key press is. While not ideal for everyone you should give it a try.

    A new mouse/keyboard seems a better option than a game pad in my eyes as these upgrades will effect all your gaming and computer use.
  2. Game pads are terrible for WoW. If you are like me and arena competitively, you have to have lots and lots of keybinds. (I have over 30 keybinds). TBH, you are just better off with a keyboard.


    You should start moving with double mouse clicks instead of using wasd if you take a day or so to do this, you will notice that your gameplay will drastically improve (I have my S key completely unbound, actually, there's never a situation where s-keying is better than turning with your mouse). That free's up your left hand completely for spamming away. Also, if you press the TAB key, your character will target the nearest enemy mob, so you don't actually need to click anything to select your target. If you just have some money burning a hole in your pocket, i'd take off to your local best buy and look at the razer NAGA. I use it and actually get use out of all 12 of the thumb buttons.
  3. Well yes, I do use double mouse clicks to move, it is just that in cases where I might need to strafe or back up, I find using the mouse frustrating, and tab targeting doesn't always work in most heroics or raid encounters because there is a specific thing you need to be hitting. However, the main things I need to click on are macros that I do not have enough bindings for. But yeah, I have been trying to move everything around, I have just not been able to find to find a sweet spot yet that makes my set up feel optimal. A razer NAGA is looking really tempting right now though, mostly because my brother owes me a birthday gift and a christmas gift right now...
  4. Bind d to strafe right and a to strafe left, that frees up q and e to bind something else in there. BTW, what class do you play? Holy paladin?
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    I would suggest getting a better mouse. The new razer 12 button mice are awesome. For one thing, the new lazer will be so much more precise than your MX518's optical sensor. Also, the new mouse should come with more/better/different on-the-fly macro setting.

    I have a logitech G110 keyboard which comes with 12 assignable macro keys and on-the-fly macro making. It is also red/blue backlight :)

    I would put your purchases in this priority:

  6. Logitech has the new G510 keyboard. It is like the G110 that Klosteral has except it has 18 of those assignable macro "G" keys plus a display to put different kinda of data. I normally use it for a clock or to show who is talking on Ventrillo (can also work for Team Speak). Some other things I have seen for it are character info, system info (CPU, RAM) and there are a ton of user created ones for it since it shares with the older G15 keyboard that has been around for a while.
  7. But that is worth more than $100, maybe worth more than $200! If you wanted a game-info screen, get a second monitor and use a dual-display mode. That is what I do, so that I can have ventrilo, CPU & GPU info and a range of other stuff in view while I game on the other 24" screen.

    I have never played WoW and none of the games I play (such as Command and Conquor, Fallout, Battlefield, Call of Duty etc) demand the use of macros and I do not use keyboard shortcuts. I only have 2 assigned macros over the entire 12 customisable keys and that is because
    a) the keys are inconveniently far away
    b) I dont really have a use for them.

    I say the keys are too far away because it forces you to take your left hand (wsad + shift) away from their position then move it back, both feeling uncomfortable and making you lose valuable life-and-death seconds.

    If you need the macro keys, both Logitech, Razer and even SteelSeries and Coolermaster offer keyboards with macros for well under $100. Then you can get an 18-inch LCD monitor for less than $90. The combined cost of the keyboard and mouse is lower than that of a logitech G510 keyboard.

  8. Gamepads are better for 3rd person games like assassin's creed 2,resident evil 5, batman :aa etc and keyboard for fps. So i use both things accordingly.
  9. I ended up getting a naga mouse, and for now it is doing a pretty decent job, I am having some trouble adjusting to the thumb keys though, because after the mx518 madness, using my thumb for pretty much everything feels a little weird. I still might consider a game pad or gaming keyboard in the future. Thanks for the replies :D
  10. Haha I can imagine. I went from a standard 3 button mouse to a 5 button gaming mouse with DPI switching - that was hard. I saw a Razer Naga in store earlier today and that could take a long time to get used to. Longer still to get used to pressing all 12 buttons individually purely by feel.

    I think you will have fun with the Naga for now, but if you follow my chain (mouse>keyboard>gamepad) then the next thing on your list is a keyboard. In my opinion, you should not get a keyboard with a screen, that is a joke. A gimmick. Get a keyboard such as the G110 and a second monitor for less than a G510.

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