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I have Win2K SP1 DX8 trying to run unreal tournament..
Via 4in1 28, 4X mode enabled along with fastwrites. set to optimal in bios. (1005C)GeForce2 GTS 32DDR (ELSA Gladiac) with Detonator3 drivers.. tried elsa and nvidia beta drivers, same problem.

Problem: In the game it significantly slows down as soon as I look at other players. if I am only looking at terrain/objects its fine, but as soon as I see a person or a bunch of ppl it slows way down. if I turn the res down it is faster, but it ran fine at a higher res under winME. any ideas?
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  1. try turning off fastwrites lots of problems with that ""feature"" you can also change irq's etc
    make sure its not sharing ...
  2. What version of the detonator drivers are you using? I used to run the 6.31 under Win2K and it was indeed much slower, try some beta drivers (6.49 or 6.67).
  3. It's not the A7V. I've got the same problem and from what I see so does every one else that's running a GeForce2 in Win2k. I have an A7V and the problem carried over when I swapped boards. No Detonator drivers (released or BETA) I've seen will fix it.

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  4. I just might have the solution.

    <A HREF="http://unreal.epicgames.com/Direct3D.htm " target="_new">http://unreal.epicgames.com/Direct3D.htm </A>
    this page has a link to D3DDRV.DLL (ver. **c) apparently the probem was the GeForce2. The server is on and off from time to time so be patient and go back later.

    I still recomend using the Detonator 6.50 as it solved problems of mouse lag in TNT2 cards but may also fix a few for the GeForce2's
    <A HREF="http://www.nvidia.com/products.nsf/htmlmedia/detonator3.html " target="_new">http://www.nvidia.com/products.nsf/htmlmedia/detonator3.html </A>
    I'm at school as of writing this and wont be able to try it out 'til tonight, but from what I've read on UT's help page this just might be the ticket.

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  5. Try running the game at a higher priority. NT and 2000 allow you to set the priority of programs so that they can take more processor time and give less to things running in the background. There are programs that you can use to launch your programs at a higher priority or you can just create a shortcut or batch file to do it. I found that it helps in several games that I run.

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