DirectX Encountered an unrecoverable error Check the readme for possible solutio

"DirectX Encountered an unrecoverable error Check the read me file" ,
when in game "hold space to skip" msg. cmes after that i choose hardened category , then one video is running at that
time above msg. apeears.

my system is.........
core 2 quad 2.5
asus p5qpl-am motherboard
2 gb transcend ram
nvidia 9400gt 1gb gr. card

is this system not enough for cod ops?
all other every game run in my pc.
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  1. Patch the game, your rig can handle black ops
  2. I had this problem when I was using win 7 32bit , yeah it was a pain in my ass :/
    The only way to get around it for me is to lower diffuse or specular quality to high instead of extra.

    I reinstalled win 7 32bit and problem still there , problem solved when I formatted and installed win 7 64bit.
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