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SC2 Budget Build (low settings)

I put together a budget build computer for my younger brother.
Was hoping someone could help me confirm that it will run Star Craft 2 Online Multiplayer 1v1 All Low Settings at around 50-60 fps

AMD Athlon II x2 260 3.2 GHz Socket AM3
Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3
Biostar A770E3 ATX AMD Mobo

The monitor is an old fatty,... and while I don't know the exact resolution, it certainly is quite low.

Thank you very much for any answers/feedback. I personally feel the build is up to the task, and a few friends have said that it "should" work just fine. I'm hoping for a little more confident reassurance. :)
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    At low resolutions, CPU performance is key. SC2 likes fast dual-core CPU's, so I'm guessing you might do even better than low settings.

    If at any point you throw the old fatty away, be aware that playing at higher resolutions might require a more beefy video card.
  2. That's what I'm thinkin. Good to hear! tyty
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  4. You will easily get away with medium settings.
    I have even a weaker system which plays on medium-high on 1280*1024.
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