A friend purchased this SOYO K7VIA and TB 550, and was unable to get it working. I have it here trying to be helpfull, but I can't get any video. The board will beep with no memory (continuous beep), but with CPU and Memory only I get no beeps.

Shouldn't there be beeps without video card? SOYO support site says it should beep three times.

What does this mean? Bad motherboard? Or could there still be some issue with the memory or CPU. I wish I knew exactly what kind of memory they have here. I just have a product ID (MEM-SP100-128A) and the description (PC100 128MB SDRAM Memory Lifetime Warranty. 12349-S001). That is from the reciept from Viking

Any advice is welcome and appreciated.

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  1. PS. Does this system require a 300W Power Supply? The case came equiped with a 240W.
  2. quite possible.
    amd didnt list anything smaller until they went to socket a.
    also it has to be a quality power supply as a cheap 300w may not work.

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